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By on June 28, 2009, with 93 Comments

Update: in deed, it seems that the artist behind this one isn’t Rusty, but in fact Bev Doolittle. Thanks to all of you who pointed it out!

Donald “Rusty” Rust is an artist with a repertoire as extensive as his talent. He is an immensely prolific painter, who adeptly renders intriguing camouflage wildlife scenes, landscapes, seascapes, still-life’s and portraits. If you think you never heard of him, well he was the one responsible for our most commented optical illusion ever – The Hidden Tiger. Many other successful illusions from our archive were created by Rusty as well. This time Rusty draw a landscape with a Native American portrayed inside it. But our little Indian isn’t the only living thing inside this picture. Can you see what else Rusty tried to hide from us (for reasons unknown to me)? Shouldn’t be too hard for you, optical illusion veterans .

Rustys Landscape Optical Illusion

Donald "Rusty" Rust hid something in this painting. Can you tell what was it?


93 Responses
  1. Detective Kitty says:

    there are some animals reflected in the water but I can’t really tell what they are…

  2. AliceIgnis says:

    some kind of sheeps, I think.
    They are drinking

  3. Kathy says:

    All I can see is that the rocks appear to be some sort of animals drinking from the pond.

  4. Basti says:

    the reflections in the water are bisons/buffalos :)

  5. josh says:

    i can see a face! to the right of the water is
    the front of a pac-man kind of thing, theres a bit of dirt that makes up the eye and some small rocks at the bottom tip of its mouth that makes teeth.

  6. green says:


  7. Germanboy says:

    Im the first who commeets XDD i like that lanscape but can somebody explain me that what that be for animals? Bears or Wolfs?

  8. max says:

    A yellow angry dog’s face (side view) & the rocks are his teeth. No?

  9. Anonymous says:

    i think i see elephants in the water

  10. Zeb says:

    Theres a green beast in the grass (eye closed mouth open) about to leap on to the grazing sheep in the centre. (And I think I see an eagle’s head just behind the figure?)

  11. Zach says:

    I won’t give it away, but think of it this way. Look at the hill the Indian is standing on, with the rocks representing something…

    Good job Rusty! Keep up the great work!

  12. oliver says:

    The rocks look like small animals, one looks like an elephant. Also, the entire landscape forms the shape of a crocodile

  13. MEJO says:


  14. parker says:

    theres bears drinking from the pound (formed by rocks)

  15. David says:

    I think it’s the hawk?

  16. Pattie Roberts says:

    A very beautiful painting. The artist tried to hide the buffalos drinking at the pool of water. Patti

  17. Zwaan says:

    Just look at the reflection of the rocks in the pool in the middle of the picture.

  18. Jelmer says:

    The rocks, seems to be animals trinking water

  19. Faith Lyons says:

    one word: LAME!!!!! Sorry but its bogus! :P

  20. Faith Lyons says:

    OH First comment WHAT!!!!! Take that HA!!!!

  21. sena says:

    I see a bear on the lake. Is that right?

  22. countrygrl says:

    The rocks are bison drinking

  23. valk says:

    I see a dog rocks and reflectiosn are teeth

  24. Flor says:

    Very pretty illusion

  25. Tom says:

    It looks a little bit like a species of now-extinct rhino-like animals that lived about 30 million years ago on the savannah. Their horns were a weird shape.

  26. Archer says:

    I see Bison drinking water.

  27. echo says:

    i guess everyone else saw bison or sheep, but i saw elephants haha!

  28. the rocks look like some sort of animal but is unclear as to what, but if you turn the pic upside down and look at the water you can clearly see the reflection of the rocks are buffalo. nice

  29. Conni says:

    lol – i didn’t knew that pac-man or elefants was native american… Seems this is difficult.
    It looks like buffalos!

  30. Donna says:

    Buffalo, I’m certain, which goes with the Native American scene.

  31. Thomas says:

    I can vaguely spot an indian blowing a horn just above the drinking buffalo’s.

  32. Brittany says:

    I think the reflection in the water is a heard of buffalo

  33. Psychadelic Steve says:

    Perhaps it is a political and environmental comment on our times. Pan calls to the lost great herds of buffalo that drank here in the past, where now there is only the rock to remember their passing.

    So many facets to a single work of art.

  34. otowi says:

    I think this is actually a Bev Doolittle isn’t? The rocks reflect as buffaloes in the water, I have seen it in a book of her work.

  35. Greg says:

    Rusty “hid” a Bev Dolittle signature in the bottom right corner. Someone needs to check his facts.

  36. Renee says:

    There are buffalo in that there picture

  37. Val Hurd says:

    Bison drinking at the pool of water.

  38. parker says:

    i think it is an elefant, polar bear?, bison, bear, and two other things i cant make out

  39. Amark says:

    turn it upside down and look at the pond and youll really see it

  40. test says:

    i think some kind of stones..donno..

  41. John Masters says:

    This picture was painted by a watercolor artist named Bev Doolittle. The title of the painting is “Calling the Buffalo”. What I think Ms. was trying to portray was that the reflections of the rocks were taking on the appearance of buffalo. I have no idea who this “rusty” that you are talking about might be.

  42. Spider says:

    Is there any special feelings you got by being the first to comment? Even more when you turned to be NOT the first?

    The rocks over the pond are actually rocks. They weren’t meant to hide anything. However, their reflection on the water are not rocks. Flip the picture vertically and you’ll see that the rocks are rocks and the reflection is CLEARLY a bunch of… I don’t know, yaks? Bisons? Buffalos?

  43. Genie says:

    If you turn the pic upside down you can see sheep in the water.

  44. jim says:

    dead buffalo

  45. WilliamRAV says:

    is DOG,

  46. Asch says:

    Buffalo, duh!

  47. GianniF says:

    The painting (buffalo) is not by Dinald Rust but by Bev Doolittle .
    See in http://clickart.homestead.com/files/doolittle_calling_buffalo2.jpg

  48. Aoife says:

    I kinda see a T-Rex, maybe a crocodile (the teeth being the rocks/buffalos). The green grass looks a bit like an eagle

  49. my name is my name is says:

    poo is awesome

  50. dylangibbs says:

    oliver is right, although the rocks do look like animals, i think the overall picture looks like a crocodile, with the animal/rocks as its teeth.

  51. FixitDave says:

    The reflections in the water are of bison, the guy on the hill is holding a bison skull…maybe praying to bring them back and save them from the invaders of Europe…quite a strong message

  52. DougB says:

    The most obvious thing about this picture was that it was not painted by Donald Rust. This is a classic Bev Doolittle painting. You can see her signature in the bottom right hand corner of the painting.

  53. Marcela M Moeales Penalosa says:

    Its beautiful and the optical is just perfect.

  54. Nebbit says:

    Are they bisons? i know the look like something, but i cant tell whats…

  55. Faith Lyons says:

    kinda lame

  56. Eugenio says:

    There’s a head of a bird in the right, formed by the grass (right border of the lake).

  57. yoredm says:

    The rocks definitely are reflecting bison. But I also see another image to go along with Fixit Dave’s post. Look at the far right rock. The shadow is part of an older man’s nose. Just beside that rock and below in the green grass are shadows that frame the man’s moustache/mouth. Once you see that, making out an eye in the clouds of the horizon is easy. Focus on those and there is a clear shape to his head.
    It almost looks as if the “European Gentleman Hunter” is looking at the bison in the water!

  58. anonymous says:

    The yellow grass is a crocodile, with the rocks as teeth, and the green grass is an animal with its mouth open, probably a turtle, with the brown in the grass being its eye.

  59. dylangibbs says:

    Yoredm, your right! There is a persons face. Its eyes are in the clouds, and the far right rock makes his nose. ohh creepy

  60. Quangdao says:

    I see a bear and an eight-legged animal in the reflection.

  61. Dragoness says:

    I can see bison in the water, a snake in the green grass and an aligator int the golden grass.
    my first thought was the rocks were polar bears but it’s hard to tell.
    Great painting overall!

  62. lacy03301 says:

    a crocodile eating a bear . the great fight between a crockand a bear off to left. the crock consumed a bunch of baby cubs , mans face in clouds

  63. mrknowitall says:

    look at the bottom right corner/bottom right grass, its an eagle or a bird. theres no crocidile

  64. The original may be found here:


    and the illusion can be found in the pool.

  65. kir says:

    Surey the illusion is that the ‘bison’ above are rocks but reflected as bison?

  66. nagfa says:

    I’d say it’s similar to Dali’s famous reflection pieces (Metamorphosis of Narcissus & Swans reflecting Elephants) with the rock outcrop and the reflection.

    Rocks reflecting bisons..?

  67. Maga says:

    This is a Bev Doolittle painting, not a Donald Rust >:(

  68. mitch says:

    look close those rocks look like dogs.

  69. sean says:

    Did everyone miss that this is a Bev Doolittle painting???? Christ people it’s even signed

  70. Loren says:

    The pond is a giant bison hoof print.

  71. scott says:

    i dont know if anyone happened to notice that the grass on the bottom left is an eagle/bird. the hidden animal is not a crocodile and the rocks are not associated with teeth watsoever.

  72. nig says:

    look at the reflection upside down to see the illusion.

  73. Ms.Observant says:

    One, Bev Doolittle did it. Two, animals are going for a drink

  74. Billie says:

    Wow….look at the reflection in the water. Its a heard of Bison drinking.

  75. Jesse says:

    It is a Crocodile. It is formed by the yellow grass and the rocks are teeth. It is eating a bird which formed by the green grass.

  76. tacos says:

    the rocks are buffalo right?

  77. Alexandra says:

    above the water it looks like hands trying to claw its way up but im sure its not that of what he hid there

  78. Alexandra says:

    the rocks also look like animals

  79. Jerry Yan says:

    a flock of sheeps drinking water. the green patch is a predator maybe a crocodile

  80. mel says:

    omg, this is a famous painting. the guy is calling to spirits. the rocks reflected in the pool are bison, they don’t look like it they are it! turn the picture upside down and its clearly an almost photograph picture of bison drinking water, god’s face is all the bison put together, in the reflection, but here’s the thing it isn’t god or some random man, its an Indian, get it? the whole picture is about another time. bison, an Indian, and a man with a bison horn calling out to the storm. WTF are you people talking about? there are no sheep, no crocodiles and there are no birds. WTF, really people, do you know nothing? and yes i have better grammar than all of you combined, and yes i’m being a bitch, can you blame me? i’m a teenager.

    • She_Bad says:

      Dont see But I Tottally Agree Theres No Fucking crockodile Or Sheep Or Bird Or snakee Fucking idiot people !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. JoAnn says:

    This is a really interesting painting. There are storm clouds brewing and the indian is blowing a horn to the rain spirit while the herd of bisson are drinking from the pool of water. Their reflections show clearly in the water surrounded by the golden prairie grasses. The grass on the right is shadowed by the dark clouds rolling in.
    End of statement…….

  82. Madelon says:

    Turn the pic upside down, you’ll see :)

  83. Me says:

    it’s a picture of spiderman alright

  84. RACH says:

    Buffalo and people can’t see a thing realy
    I agree with mel

  85. Astrid says:

    I think the rocks look like sheep drinking out of the water

  86. SHAHID says:


  87. rabbit says:

    guys, has no one noticed the large green lizard in the grass on the right!?

  88. Wendi Golightly says:

    this painting was done by Bev Dolittle and there is no croc!!

  89. mara says:

    it looks like jesus’last stop, bearing his cross on his lft shoulder and the soldiers are nailing oters to their crosses… someine has a sword with siething on it to absorb water..women r crying

  90. Cuddles says:

    Anyone else see elephants instead of bisons? Maybe it’s just me.

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