Russian Living Statues Collection

Probably you grew bored from all those Ultimate Galleries I’ve posted during the past week, never the less – I’m sure you’ll love this one. At least if you have nerves going through each photo in this gallery. But before we continue, I’d like to show you an interview I did for Environmental Graffiti website. The interview can be found here. If you have a spare minute, I welcome you to read it and you are invited to post your comments here (you may even see a nasty photo of me). Now let’s explain what all those photos are doing here. If you visited any major Europe city over the past decade, I’m sure you’ve came across all those people who pretend to be a statues, standing on the street somewhere in downtown, during the summer. They are usually painted in gold, standing so still that you hardly can believe they aren’t statues at all. By freaking out the passers by, they earn some spare coins. English Russia reported that all those performers came to Russia recently, more precisely they visited city of Sochi to participate in the biggest Living Statues Contest, the world has ever seen. Now these bring our Body Paint category to the next level, don’t they? Which of these “living statues” you think did the best disguising job? Which one did you favor the most? Tell me, tell me!

It's pretty difficult to see these "statues" are real, live human beings
It's pretty difficult to see these "statues" are real, live human beings

Don’t be scared by the size of this gallery – Enjoy yourself:

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  1. i saw one of these guys in Rome, dressed as the statue of liberty, freaking the sh** out of loads of kids. There was actually a lot of coins in the bowl in front of him, he was VERY good.

  2. there is a rather wonderful ‘gallery’ of living statues along the southbank of the river Thames, London (UK). If you are ever there, they are near the London eye (the big ferris wheel). They work in all weathers, rain or shine, summer or winter. There are some decent street artists around there too, highly recommend it.

    another good gallery, shame there isnt a living picture of each statue though (eyes open, just after they mae you jump).

  3. My favourite is towards the end: 1_045. It reminds me of how many beautiful young people have gone to fight in wars over the ages.

    Overall, there are some wonderful *statues* to look at. I’d hate to have to hold my arm up for all that time, like the man who looks like Charles Dickens’ Oliver (1-014).

  4. This is one of the best pictures or one of the best piece of work that I have seen in a VERY LONG time. Thank You, Tom

  5. Here in Mexico, in the “Centro Histórico”, there’s always a living statue somewhere on the streets.

  6. I think the ones with the babies did exceptionaly well, keeping their little ones still for a long time.

  7. Somebody did something like this in Nashville, TN where I live. I was walking down the street and two of them freaked me out when they started moving.

  8. love the pics, shame it takes so long for each individual 1 to laod, u shud go back to scrolling down, much quicker and easier XD

    LOVE those type of llusions <3

  9. It’s like going to the wax museum. There’s always at least one living dude who scares the crap outta people passing by. :)

  10. Did you see the first photo? she’s showing the finger. Lol, she thought the photographer wasn’t taking picture of the right thing.

  11. If I had to do it with a statue, and I don’t see my self as one of those type, but if, then it had to be the blue one in this Gallery – she’s hot :P

    Btw. I would dress up as a statue laying down in one of those really comfy arm chairs if I was me going to stand still all day.

  12. @Radmer: that wouldn’t be “standing” would it? LOL!

    I thought the stone statues should look better then the bronze ones, but they’re not. It is, I’m sure, harder to do to make it look real.

    And why do they have to close their eyes, I mean all of them? Can’t they use some kind of prop? Some kind of fake eyes in front of their eyes? That would make it creepier, the way that people thought that there was no way their eyes could be painted.

    As for favorites, I think I’d go with the one with the clock and baby (1_009) and the first picture (1_048). They look frighteningly real.

    These are great collection, Vurdlak! I enjoyed them!

  13. My god! i didn´t read the text and just watched the pictures, and just when i saw the box for the money i started to think about, that this are real people! i like them all :D

  14. Fantastic! I’m in Mexico City for the first time and have been struck dumb with wonder at some of the Living Statues here in the Centro. Some of these performers have developed encapsulated scenarios that are poetry and performance art of a high order combined with mind-boggling physical discipline. I wonder if they constitute a secret society, are they like carnies or do they have their own associations or initiations or what?

  15. p.s ive seen these “living statues” before and its really creepy when you go up to them and they suddenly move

  16. very good the woman really did look like a statue
    but what im wondering is
    is that a real baby as the eyes are kinda going inwards

  17. This is so fake… look at that baby’s face… his ears doesn’t fit his head…his lips are too small to be a black baby…and his eyes are too big and his eye sockets are too deep. Why is everyone so gullible…

    1. Jessica, first of all look at the hand of thee first one and than look at the hand on the second, the first one was for you, and of course their not gonna paint a real baby tha COULD KILL him, so please get your mind out of the gutter.

  18. i have often wondered what people who do this for a living think about while keeping so still for hours on end. Suspect they hear some funny things from passers by! No the baby is not real, I have a doll which looks like this – I have been asked what the name is when taking it on a bus or train – sometimes people are quite amazed when I show them it is a doll.

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