Rorschach Card: What Is It?

We had some “Rorschach test cards” in the past, where your assignment was to guess what they really represented. Now let’s see if you can “crack” this one!

If I only showed you the image on the right (with no accompanying #gif animation) – would you be able to see the most probable solution? Most people don’t see it. Yet, after they are presented with the animation below, static card they were puzzled with just minutes ago – immediately becomes recognisable!

25 Replies to “Rorschach Card: What Is It?”

  1. Rorschach pro-tip: Always bet it’s a dalmatian.

    – “It’s a curled up dalmatian, with his head on his paws.”
    – “It’s a dalmatian, jumping for a frisbee.”
    – “It’s a sitting dalmatian, with a tilted head, looking straight at me!”

  2. Please don’t put the giveaway on the front page. Make us click through to see it so we can guess without having the solution thrown at us.

  3. The Gif helped me a lot – It prevented for wasting my time trying to find something else other than the Dalmatian!

    P.S. – There isn’t any cow on the “Woman with Hat” linked illusion, right?

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