Romantic Halloween Optical Illusion

As one sees the beautiful rose climbing the window ledge on a typical neighborhood house, he thinks to himself. “What a romantic scene“. Suddenly, a horrific strange noise breaks the silence, and the observer quickly understands that the noise is coming from inside the house. What did just happen? Until now, he wasn’t even aware that he was the only one in the neighborhood, standing in front of the house. Why did everyone avoid this part of the neighborhood? Just as he was about to turn his back to the house, someone pulled him from behind whispering: “bad things happen to the nosy observers“, and then he felt a strong hit landing at the back of his head. As he was about to loose consciousness, last thing he noticed was a horrific detail that made the scene not so idle anymore. Can you continue this story? What did the observer last notice, that scared the living hell out of him?

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  1. The flowers were violently pulled out of the ground by one of an unrecognizable figure. The flowers seemed to writhe in pain and the figure approached the man and repeated “Bad things happen to nosy observers”. “now you will be in the place of them who are observers”.

    Now this man watches people as they quickly walk by the house of which he stands in front of. Permanently submerged into the soft dirt.

    Bad things happen to nosy observers.

  2. Well… the rose has a face that is screaming. So, I’m guessing the fellow that just got grabbed, will now turn into the next rose to lure in the next unwitting visitor

  3. The rose seems to be alive or something. I see a mouth, a pair of eyes and its branches seem to look like arms and fingers. Looks cool!

  4. That the house uses lead-based paint that’s flaking off and contaminating the environment?

    Would explain why no one comes around to this part of the neighborhood.

  5. What an astonishing talent for writing! I think you should go and find a publisher, Vurdlak!
    And about the illusion, there’s a screaming face in the rose that makes it look like a person with long, thin arms and legs in the braches.

  6. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH thats scary! theres aface in the rose! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! not sure its an illusion tho. Still kwl and scary!

  7. I’m too confused!
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I think the rose is pretty scary and evil looking but I’m sorry because there’s no way I can finish the story! HELP ME SOMEBODY!

  8. Hi and thx for this great site.

    I can see a face (vampire like) in the center of the rose.

    We can imagine 2 arms and hands with branches

  9. he noticed that the rose was alive and was making at horrible noise tat he heard was coming from inside the house

  10. I like the way you tell us the story today… When I see my the illusion in my widget today I didn’t notice the “scary” rose, but I did in a larger size!

    Keep the good work! I love this site!

  11. There is the rose, but can anyone else see the witches face? If you stand further away or minimise the picture, the rose’s right elbow becomes the nose and the rose’s left leg becomes the mouth. Maybe it’s just me…

  12. The face in the rose is a nice picture, but it’s not an optical illusion. It was clearly added there and our eyes aren’t ‘playing tricks on us’, the picture isn’t one of the dual image tricks etc, the best thing going for it is the pseudo arms/fingers.

    Finaly would people stop showing how much of a moron they are by saying ‘first post’ especially when they didn’t even get it – note, this doesn’t condone those tards who do it and actually are first, they’re just as bad.

  13. I see a demon face on the rose. It would be cool if the face was God instead of that demon face, but it’s still cool, I think :).

  14. Hmm, not exactly an illusion, but a nice picture. It reminds me of the talking roses in the animated Alice in Wonderland–remember those? They looked exactly the same, just slightly less sinister.

  15. Hi guys bet this is the first person to coment from South Africa.

    And if i am not well then i am the first person to comment from South Africa who has been to Croatia. (realy cool place by the way you guys should go there some time)

    I think this is a realy cool pic. And the great intro story.

    I love the website keep up and good work.

  16. That horrific detail was the faces of lost souls in the flowers planted in the garden.
    “You shall be as they are now” whispered a voice from behind, the whispering then turned into howling demonic laughter. The observer lost his consciousness. When he woke up he was another face in the devil’s garden. There to lure unsuspecting people to their doom.
    Great site vurdlak great story by you as well. keep up the good work. :)

  17. Also, it’s “lose” consciousness, not loose. Loose means not tight.
    Lose means to be unable to find something. Sorry to nit-pick on the grammer. Great site. I love it!

  18. The rose was starting to laugh a deep throaty, sinister laugh and as his eyes began to close and the blackness close in he could see hundreds of faces in the peeling paint on the house. His mind screamed as he realized there was no one to help him, no one to hear, no one to care. THE END (Not as good as yours but I tried.)

  19. “Anonymous Anonymous

    Also, it’s “lose” consciousness, not loose. Loose means not tight.
    Lose means to be unable to find something. Sorry to nit-pick on the grammer. Great site. I love it!”

    Ok, sure it may be ‘lose’ that is the correct word. However it’s more likely spelling that was an issue, not grammar. Grammatical errors would imply poor sentence structure and so on. Not a wrong word due to a spelling error.

    One other thing, if you’re going to play the english nazi, at least get YOUR grammar and spelling right. I could go on and point out how flawed your definitions are, but I’m not going to waste any more of my time.

  20. I think the rose is the observer and the one who was to lose consciousness because someone pulled it from behind the rose’s head. It never said a person.

  21. Ironicly, (yes I know I probably spelt that wrong) the person who was on about bad grammar spelt grammar wrong…
    But I see someone else already mentioned that.. :)

  22. Ooh, I see it! And no, it’s not the flower. If you tilt your head to the left a bit, then squint, there’s a guy with a big mustache that looks like he got his soul snatched or something.

    -coughs- It’s spelled ironically.

  23. You can learn a lot of things from the flowerrrrrs~
    Oh especially in the month of June~
    There’s a wealth of happiness and romance~
    All in the golden after—AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  24. !!!! I CANT FIND THE SECOND ONE!! PLEASE SOME ONE IVE ME A DETAILED DESCRIPTION IVE BEEN LOOKING AT THIS FOR AGES please help me i see a face in the rose that it. and im dumb u’ll have to be specific

  25. “Ok, sure it may be ‘lose’ that is the correct word. However it’s more likely spelling that was an issue, not grammar. Grammatical errors would imply poor sentence structure and so on. Not a wrong word due to a spelling error.

    One other thing, if you’re going to play the english nazi, at least get YOUR grammar and spelling right. I could go on and point out how flawed your definitions are, but I’m not going to waste any more of my time.” um… they did say “Sorry to nit-pick” Jeez…

  26. theres a face of a man who looks like he’s in pain on the rose, and there is someone looking through the trellis at the bottom.

  27. The mustache guy is made at the bottom of the stem. The first tendril from the bottom (the one that curls up and right) creates the top of his head. It then creates the rest of the face and the leaves at its tip are the mustache.

  28. I see what everyone is talking about. However, does anyone else notice how the stem on the right that dosent seem connected to the plant almost looks like it is a little person trying to break away? I know our brains are hardwired to pick out the familiar such as faces and figures, but it is still interesting.

  29. i don’t even see the first face. Someone help me out here please :)

    thanks :P

    P.S i have follwed all the other comments but i still see nothing :O

  30. um i dont see if there is another face besides the one in the rose! i really need to know if there is so it would be so nice if someone would answer my question!:(
    im dying to know!!!!!

  31. I dont see the mustache guy but i see the face in the rose.

    for those who cant see the rose face its near the top, slightly angled and the big dark section is the mouth. you should be able to figure it out from there :D

  32. the leaf that looks more like lips between the legs are lips and the legs are the chin at the end of the leg on the top there is a leaf which is the eye underneath it there are three leaves the middle one is the other eye the twig\stick in between the eyes and lips is the nose Yay!! (if you do not know where the legs are look at the other comments,the flowers body is the darker sticks and stem

    1. when he woke he thought he was the right way up vbut he saw only sideways on, he tryed to look around but he could only move his eyes. he rolled his eyes upward and it dawned on him, he was now part of the rose…

  33. One slowly regained his senses, aware first of the throbbing goose-egg on his head. Slowly, One horrifically realized how he’d overused the adjective “horrific.”

    “That must have been it,” he thought. “Bad writing makes some people crazy. I’ve been abducted by a person who’s read enough Engrish penned by native speakers, and they’ve simply gone over the edge.”

    Disoriented, One slowly became aware that he was laying prone on a hard surface. His first instinct, to shake his fist at the Grammatical Gods who had brought his pathetic character to brief literary life, was defeated abruptly when his limbs refused to move. With difficulty, he turned his aching head to find his left hand and arm tied firmly down to the heavy wooden table at his back. His body was immobilized.

    One returned his gaze to the ceiling, wincing at the pain in his head and neck. He silently cursed the pronoun confusion that had resulted in the only proper name he’d ever had.

    Tears suddenly welled in his eyes, surprising him with their heat and urgency. Since his abrupt inception at the beginning of this tale, he’d only briefly appreciated the beauty of his world, before the crude interruption of present- and past-tense confusion that had rendered him unable to defend himself against the subsequent attack. Sentence after unintelligible sentence pulled his tiny life into a plotless, absurd cliche, and now here he was, without a proper name, strapped to a table in a darkened room, left to wonder at his impending fate.

    His eyes eventually cleared, and he peered uncomprehending at the dully glinting steel suspended above him. The realization suddenly dawned, pulling with it a vivid memory of his sixth-grade literature class. He recognized this scene. He’d somehow been transported into a much more frightening story. The darkened room, the cruel table, the sinister sliver of steel hanging from the black ceiling, the man alone with his mind, going slowly mad against his mechanical foe…. A portrait of Poe appeared in his mind’s eye, on the cover of a short book: “The Pit and the Pendulum.”

    As unseen gears moaned into motion above, urging the heavy blade into its first, slow swing, One came to two conclusions. First, no one had written anything scary for the last 150 years, and second, he was about to learn the meaning of “horrific.”

  34. The man woke up, and struggled to sit up. The horrifing rose was gone, but the house remained. He started to stand, and then realized his mistake. The rose was coiled up next to a tree, waiting to trap the next innocent observer.

  35. okayy i see the face in the rose and how the branches kind of make a stick-body and fingers for it, is there anything else?

  36. well i first saw the rose with a face and then read the comments and it said there is a man with a mustache. i thought they were lying but i turned my laptop 90 deg and i saw the man with the mustache. coooooooolllllll :)

  37. Floor Boards squeaked, doors that needed oiling and stairs that were unsafe to balance a pencil on. Just by looking at this hollow, soulless, empty building,I call it building because it’s too depressing to call home. Home is somewhere that you can run to when your fears take over your body, this ‘building’ WAS my fears. At night you hear the whispers of dreams that never were. Cry’s of children who never lived and laughter of ghosts who never died. This was my nightmare.

  38. Okay, turn your chin until its sideways to the left. then, two leaves should be the eyes, one leaf the lips, another leaf above it that is the mustache, and thin branch that is the nose, and a big branch that makes the head. got it?

  39. if your happy and you know it clap your hands *clap**clap*if your………..what dos this have to do with anything

  40. it’s not A mousthache guy for heavanes sake!it appears that rose has a face SO WHAT?!?!? it doesn’t have a mousthache!GAWD!!!!

    1. well tere is actually a guy with a moustache you just have to tilt you chin 90 degrees to the left!

  41. i tilt my head right and i see the shadow of the rose as a face… i tilt my head to the right and i see that hole n the wall as the eye and the planks making the shape of the nose and mouth. I DO NOT SEE A MOUSTACHE.

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