Red Swirl Optical Illusion

Happy Friday, everyone! I bet a ton of you are glad that this is probably the last work day of your week. What plans do you have this weekend? With all the great weather we’ve been having I certainly plan on going outside and enjoying some of it. It’s going to feel nice to have the hot sun beaming down on me this weekend. I’m so over the whole winter thing and have been aching for some good weather.

Today, I’m once again taking a break from the brain teaser optical illusions. I just went over the comments and I see a ton of you are still debating the “Count the Balls Optical Illusion,” so it’s still keeping most of you busy. If you have any other brain teasers like that one, you can email them to me.

Today’s illusion is going to be another illusion that is trippy and cool to look at. Are you ready to check it out? If so, you can go ahead and start scrolling down now. :)

Red Swirl Optical Illusion

This is one of those illusions that seem to be animated, but the image is completely static. It’s not an animated .GIF or anything of that nature. Now that’s pretty cool, huh?

Want to check out another cool optical illusion? Have a look at the Ariel Stain Remover optical illusion.

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