Reaching for the Moon Optical Illusion

Happy Saturday everyone, hope you all are having a great time on this beautiful Saturday! When little kids are growing up, they are told that they can do anything they want to do, and to reach for the stars. However, what about the moon? Are little kids told that they can reach for the moon if they really try? Take a look at today’s optical illusion, does it not look like this person is reaching for the moon?

Reaching for the Moon Optical Illusion

The position of the moon, and the spot where the ladder is too, really looks like all this person has to do is climb up the ladder and they can touch or even take the moon.  Looks really easy doesn’t it? All you need to get to the moon is a ladder, so then how come NASA had to use a group of men in a space capsule?

Want to see another great optical illusion? Art work can look so realistic you can reach out and touch it, and in the case of street art, it may just come out of the sidewalk and eat you! Check out this great shark optical illusion, and it will definitely make you think twice about whether some artwork can come to life or not!

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