78 Replies to “Praying Mother and Child”

  1. yeah,not exactly original.shame it’s not hidden in a corner or something, it’s just not so……rewarding when you find it.
    anyone know what i mean?

  2. Just a reply to ‘An Alien from Mars’. God did NOT do that on purpose. A talented ARTIST did that on purpose. This is a friggin PAINTING!! open your eyes.

  3. that is hot and just for every that was tryin to be cocky saying “oh that was the first thing i saw” dont be dumb ur not cool

  4. ok so its pretty cool. and for those who said “oh yeah saw it w/o clue” and shit dont be dumb ur not cooler b/c u found it first k byee

  5. i cant see the mountains, i caon only see the mother and child, unless i cover it up weird but cool. i like the explicit trees better :-P

  6. its a very cool painting, and i agree with Dinkey, about lateral thinking. it reminded me of a mountain in the canadian rockies. apparantly, you can see a native american chief in it, a bit like in this picture. my brother and i saw about ten different chiefs. just goes to show, we only need to be told something’s there to be able to see it

  7. great illusion!
    usually it takes me ages to work things out but for some weird reason i saw this one straight away. still, i loved it.

  8. i see the mother and the child right under her, but then i see ANOTHER child. when you flp it around, it sorta looks like there is a child with bushy hair to the right of the forst obvious one. his head is bent down, sorta like he is praying too, but hw has no body. creepy.

  9. if you tilt your head the same way to see the mother and child you can also see an Indian with a feathered hat on like a chief i bet you cant find it

  10. What I saw on the first hand, an old bearded man lying down with his face on the water, his right hand on the left of the picture…twisted mind I guess =)

  11. i love your random illusions button, but the same illusion “praying mother and child” keeps on coming back!!….. why??

  12. This is awesome! I am new to this site and only stumbled across it looking around for optical illusions the other day, and I can´t stay off it!! You have a wonderful and exciting website and I´ve seen trult amazing things on this website that I have never seen before! Thank you for sharing all of these :D

  13. Found it before the rotation clue….oh yeah baby!!!! But some illusions I find really hard to find and others find easy so…..

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