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By on May 11, 2011, with 80 Comments

Apologizes for skipping Tuesday (illusion wise)! Something technical came up, which asked for immediate attention. No need to go into much detail, but it was an issue I believe had something to do with our bandwidth. Anyway, let me share these two posters to make up for it. When I first saw them, I remember they both managed to trick me. Now that some time has gone, I can’t recall what was their original intention. Dunno, were popcorns only intended to resemble a skull pile, or was it the other way around. Similar goes for the second photo. Be sure to share your opinion. Anyone knows what was this campaign for?

Popcorn/Ice Cream Optical Illusion
Popcorn/Ice Cream Optical Illusion


80 Responses
  1. Dew Silverdrop says:

    no.1: popstuff looking like skulls. rate: **
    no.2: frozen cow stuff looking like explosion. rate: *****
    both very convincing
    don’t know what there from tho’…

  2. U.N. Owen says:

    The 1st image (popcorn), I initially saw small-sized, on my iGoolge page.

    Even at that size, I thought it was a pile of skulls.

    The 2nd (mushroom cloud) – I don’t see nearly as clear as the first.

  3. Amber says:

    these are both really amazing!! the second one took me a long time to see anything other than ice cream haha but again, these both blow my mind at how creative people can be!

  4. Care Bear says:

    Campaign? Had to be something about the Holocaust and Hiroshima I betcha. I see skulls and an nuclear bomb. But that’s okay. I don’t like popcorn and, as a diabetic, I stay away from ice cream anyway.

  5. Dolphin says:

    I can definitely see the illusions. I think the popcorn was meant to be like the skulls,or the popcorn is mixed with the skulls.

  6. Mikau says:


  7. Jerome says:

    I’d have to know what the small print says to know what the point is. Looks like they could just be an ad for an illusion show or site. Maybe they were created for an anti-obesity ad campaign, the point being that junk food kills. The thing is, popcorn is one of the least junky of the junk foods, and is often encouraged by nutritionists as a replacement for things like potato chips.

  8. ghislaine says:

    the second one looks kinda like a glass with an explosion coming out of the top, but I’m not sure

  9. AmyThaShyzz says:

    FIRST! And i dont get the second one its dumb. the firs one is like that mirror optical illusion with the woman.

  10. lilkut says:


  11. Bob says:


  12. Rob says:

    Both of these look more like the actual, not the illusion.

    The images would be much more effective if the skulls were in an actual popcorn bucket and the explosion was on an actual ice cream cone.

    Just a helpful tip for all you aspiring optical illusionists out there!

  13. Gaby says:

    is it a totally weird icecream!?

  14. ASA says:

    It doesn’t look like an ice cream cone to me. It looks more like a mushroom cloud from an explosion!

  15. Blob the Builder says:

    Nice images. It’s a shame you didn’t use the heading: “Skullpile / Explosion” or similar, because if you had, it would have taken me AGES to work out what I was looking at!

  16. whatisV says:

    EPIC i like the Ice cream in the glass one! bravo!

  17. josephine says:

    I don’t see the second one…

  18. Lil'Smily says:

    Kewll!! this is berry aweSumm

  19. jp says:

    #2: Clearly an ostrich’s head-like atomic mushroom thingy. Not sure what the campain is for though

  20. Theresa Moss Currier says:

    I may never be able to eat popcorn again! :)

  21. Alex says:

    First! First one is obvious: Skull pit
    Second one: explosion with a skull at the bottom of the cloud.

  22. Adam says:

    lol I like the first one. The second one however just looks like a piece of popcorn to me for some reason. I’m trying to make out a skull but just can’t see it. hmm…

  23. popy says:

    that is so cool!!
    ice cream and popcorn look gross though

  24. Adam Merrill says:

    Dang! Those are both awesome!

  25. terrific t says:

    hmmmmm i like it … but i also liked back in the day when it was alot more than just illusions… i liked the funky stuff he would ust ot make our minds think.. now it’s just pix of stuff… curses to whomever thought that thinking was not all it is cracked up to be… it is what it is…

  26. Both are very creative, especially the ice cream mushroom cloud.

  27. Kimon Frousios says:

    Wow, the popcorn looks insane! In all fairness I think there is at least one real skull, scaled to the same size as the popcorn. Look to the left of the text, halfway between the text and the edge. I’ve held skulls in my undergrad and I’m fairly sure this is one. I think the brain registers its presence and interprets the rest based on this info.

    As for the flame/explosion thing. I don’t see anything. It looks like cauliflower or icecream.

    • Jeremy says:

      1. It is popcorn that looked like a pile of skulls.
      2. It is soda/cola/coke that is overflowing or fizzing too much.

  28. jenny says:

    wuw.. :o .

  29. chris says:

    scary skulls

  30. The longer you look at them the more they look like the real thing; popcorn and ice cream cone………:)

  31. Amy Baby says:

    In # 2, Hey, isnt that one of the Beetles Face on the left side? look @ it zoomed!

  32. ramiro says:


  33. Grace says:

    Either way, its yummy!

  34. Theresa Moss-Currier says:

    I many never be able to eat popcorn again. :)

  35. Bruce says:

    Very nice. They are both popcorn right? Popcorn that looks like skull pile and one kernel popping in oil that looks like atomic explosion. No icecream in sight. The wording makes me think it is for some sort of illusion as it says “seeing is not believing” with the word illusion in the cubes.

  36. dicko says:

    I would love to see the campain that goes with the ice cream. Very nicely done.

  37. hw says:

    from http://illusion.co.th/

    the skull-illusion seems to have won an award.

  38. Cuthbert says:

    Actually, the top one is an old WW2 propoganda from the Nazis looking for people to enroll in their “popcorn cooking school”.

    I hear it was quite successful.

  39. Brooke says:

    All of you who dont get it or dont see it are retarded. Yes that is a nuclear bomb blast. The small print says seeing is not believing. and The popcorn up top is photoshopped. the skulls were merged into popcorn. the person probably made a total of 4-5 and duplicated it.onto the top of a bowl of popcorn. cause there are obviously a few real popcorns in the picture. Plus they needed a background.

    i also think they kinda did the same thing with the nuclear bomb blast. just edited it a little but it could be the original picture.

  40. robert says:

    If you Google the “Seeing is not Believing” you will find a website that is a guy and a magic show. I would guess that these are posters made to advertise the show when he goes somewhere, they just don’t have an address of a show.

  41. diane says:

    some one went through a lot of work creating that popcorn picture .

  42. Rick says:

    both pictures r 4 a campaign of DEATH !.. 1st pic-[skulls](popcorn); 2nd pic-[mushroom cloud/explosion](ice-cream)

  43. Padma says:

    Im with you it looks like skulls.

  44. masnick says:

    try ‘seeingisnotbelieving.com’

    It’s a Christian campaign

  45. Jess says:

    these both work very well, amazing illusions!

  46. andrea walker says:

    “seeing is not believing”

  47. Cyphis says:

    I really like both of these. It’s hard to tell the difference between a pile of skulls and popcorn. That’s something that never crossed my mind before. lol and the ice cream certainly is clear but at first glance it def looks like a mushroom cloud!
    On another note, maybe they should change the iGoogle widget name from “Daily OP Illusion” to “Every so often Op Illusion.” If it’s called daily, it would be nice if it actually was daily….

  48. Mike says:

    I like the second pic … looks like ice cream in a glass cup then secondly it looks like a nuclear explosion.

  49. MeEgAn GaLaNtE says:

    I feel like eating it if it was popcorn but if it was skulls I would be freaked out and what is it. Popcorn or skulls?

  50. MeEgAn GaLaNtE says:

    The other picture is basically the same as the first one because if it was food you would want to eat it but if it was the other meaning it would freak people out

  51. ZL123 says:

    Nice. I ‘skipped’ yesterday too, commenting-wise. Lol.

    1st: I saw both the first second.
    2nd: I saw both the first second.

  52. PurpleButtons says:

    I saw the skulls first, then the popcorn. The ice-cream fools me a little, some one help me.

  53. Finkle says:

    the ice-cream is a nuke bomb

  54. Johnny Jack Pompolla says:

    I can’t really get what the second one is supposed to be apart from the explosion

  55. Morgen says:

    The top one looks like blueberries, then popcorn, then skulls.

    The bottom one looks like ice cream, then a mushroom cloud, then popcorn on top of glass.

  56. herky stubby says:

    The first picture I saw skulls!
    The second I saw not an ice cream! but a nuclear bomb that exploded! A mushroom figure!

  57. Kai says:

    The first one was stunning!!!

  58. f says:

    Seems like a wonderful healthy food campaign against fatty and surgary foods?

  59. Rada says:

    I also see an ostrich head in the second one. Does that mean I’m crazy? :P

  60. Jessica says:

    I didn’t see the popcorn at all, or the ice cream. Looks like a pile of skulls and a nuke to me. I’ll bet these ads were put out by those Food Police types who try to tell us that everything that tastes good will kill us. Kinda creepy and Orwellian to me.

  61. superlegion says:

    heheh. popcorn skulls and an ice cream explosion.

  62. Abbey says:

    i see a human man in the top left of the ice-cream, is that weird or not?

  63. Kat says:

    I see a face in the Icecream too on the lefthand side wit the mouth open

  64. Me says:

    the bottom 1 looks like a rootbeer flote!

  65. kennt--- says:

    It’s more great if you’ll eat the pop corn in the cinema while watching horror movie,,, lol

  66. LD says:

    The popcorn looks like lightly-Photoshopped skull images. Still creepy though.

  67. Betsy says:

    I think this was a campaign for the apocalypse or something like that.

  68. drew says:

    i see a backwards teddybear on the icecream … just the head of it

  69. GenCat says:

    1st- skulls
    2nd- Mushroom cloud explosion

  70. Vulcan says:


  71. The Doctor says:

    theres only one picture idiots

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