Pink Rose Afterimage

I still owe you an explanation about “what represents a biggest problem for me updating this site, while being on the road”. I started the trivia on August the 10th, and promised to explain myself the day after hearing your thoughts. Unfortunately, we had that malware incident in the meantime, and battling against the bad guys made me completely forgot about the trivia.

The answer is simple – it’s the unstable EDGE/3G connection that gives me headache. I don’t have problems with writing nor finding the illusions, yet uploading and publishing them demands dozen of tries and reconnects. What can I say, it’s my fault I love to spend my vacation in place that has little to do with technology and modern day-life :) BTW, check the rose below – all you have to do is concentrate on the little cross on the left, and then after a minute or so, switch your focus to the cross on the right. The black and white photo now becomes pink.

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    1. i completely disagree with u. i got the strongest pink color! it hurt my eyes, the color was too strong. maybe you didn’t look at it long enough, or maybe you didn’t focus on the white cross in the middle the whole time!

    2. If you’re using a laptop, tilt the screen down (closer to the keyboard) so you get a brighter image. The colour should be stronger.

  1. I’ve recently begun getting deeper into the weeds to learn how optical illusions are constructed and have discovered that, no matter how hard I try, I cannot see after image illusions … EVER … having now looked at dozens of examples, sharing notes with my wife (who does see them) on many of them. I’m not color-blind and my eyes react to illusions based on shading tricks, but I don’t get an after image.

    Any thoughts on why? I know this is an old post, but perhaps you’ll get this and have a thought.

  2. wow!! if you actually stare at it for a whole minute (if you count to 60 in your head it really works!) then look at the picture . . . its the most brightest pink you ever saw!!

    By the way, the longer you stare at it, the more pink it turns!!!

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