Peeling Skin Optical Illusion

Have you ever just wished that you were someone else than who you are? I mean, look at the super hero movies. Wouldn’t it just be so cool to be someone like Peter Parker during the day and then you can put on a costume and turn into a super hero that fights crime. How about Batman? I mean, he’s eccentric millionaire, Bruce Wayne, during the day, but at night he puts on his batsuit and then he goes out and fights crime. These people simply change their clothes and they completely transform into someone completely different. Both their personality and their physicality completely changes.

If you can’t tell, today’s new optical illusion has reminded me of super heroes. As you can see, in the picture below, this man is peeling off his skin and is revealing something underneath the skin. It turns out he’s not just your average guy, but he has a six pack hidden under his clothes. Now, in all seriousness, I consider this optical illusion to be a brain teaser. I want you to tell me whether or not you think this is some amazing photoshop work or if you think this guy is taking off a shirt. Ready to check out the image? Scroll down.

american laser hair removal ad

So, what do you think? Is this the work of a photoshop master or did a clever designer create this shirt and this man is wearing it? Leave your guess in the comments section below.

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12 Replies to “Peeling Skin Optical Illusion”

  1. I feel like this would be an ad for like a gym or something. “Take it off; and feel good about it!” It would have some dumb slogan like that. :)

  2. it’s a photoshop effect……

    i think so, because the edges of the shirt, mingles with the guy’s left abs….you can’t tell for sure, whether it’s the edge of the shirt, or his abs…..

    nevertheless, it’s a mind-blowing illusion!!!!!

  3. This is an ad for a Laser Hair Removal salon – and is obviously photoshopped on the model’s left side to make it look like he is peeling off skin!

  4. You can see in the bottom left corner that it’s an ad for hair removal. He’s taking off his shirt which has hair on it.

  5. I am the photoshop artist of this ad.
    We used a shutterstock image of a guy taking off his white t-shirt
    and an image of chest with hair. We’ve added more pleats.
    The art director knew exactly what result he wanted.

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