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  1. The type of art is called trompe l’oeil, or Trick the eye. I met a fellow who does these sort of installations professionally, and his work is really quite disconcerting.

    1. im so interested. can you introduce me to the said artist.
      heres my number 639228542276
      i am now in the phil.
      how much does she charge for 1 drawing?

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  3. Kountrykat….IF you would look at some others such as “3D Painted Stairs 2” then you would understand that at certain angels it makes sense, instead of jumping to conclusions, and making a fool out of yourself in front of millions of people….Heh i’m done

  4. And once Again this lazy person has to say that the age of creativity is till alive and it took a person who has an amazing vision to be able to think of making such an amazing Blog – Well done

  5. That’s really cool. is it me or does it remind you of the game Mario Sunshine? I really like how they made it look like someone drew the stairs.

  6. hey! are these in toronto? cuz i vaguely recall seeing them in the subway system before but never actually saw it from the ‘right angle’ to see them this real before!! wow that’s pretty amazing! i’ll for sure be going back to take a look! thanks!

  7. OH MY GOD! This is truly fantastic. I find it really hard to believe this stuff is real. I try to imagine running my hand across that wall, but it just blows my mind!!

  8. I’m not a professional at this kind of stuff, but I believe I know how they do it. Apparently they start at the top at an angle, then they continue once they reach the corner at half that angle.

  9. I LOVE THIS SITE!!! I found it on iGoogle. I check these every day. I personally think that these are the coolest. gtg, ttyl.

  10. It’s not a long and complicated process. Also, Picasso, clearly, you have never done anything like this. You do them in about an hour or so.

    Hook up a projector with the image, it shines from the angle you put it up, onto all the places that image goes. Then, you paint/chalk/tape on the parts of the wall/door/floor that has light on it. When you take away the projector, viola! You have these cool optical illusions.

  11. I am trying to figure this one out.
    It could be a positive to a negitive transparency of i forget what kind of film would be used. possibly infared.

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