Pac-Man Art Illusions

Consider this post more of an unusual art installation, than true optical illusion. Well, this Pac-man skull you see on the right was created by artist Le Gentil Garçon titled “PacMan’s skeleton”. There are few more interesting photos inside this post, and I’m sure you would’ve guessed what they represent, even if I didn’t explain before. I like references to eighties presented in this unusual form. I don’t have much more to say, really.

Just to share with you that I passed really important exam today, so please excuse me for having lack of inspiration writing this post. I’m all drained up from learning all those synchronous and asynchronous digital automates for the exam. Sounds scary, agree? Wasn’t much of an exam, but I had to stay up all night to get all that fit in my head.

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  1. WOw! Like you said… It’s not really an illusion but it’s cool! I wonder what the skull is made out of? Hmm… Mayby plaster and molding clay?

    PS: First post?

  2. It’s more art than illusion… but that’s fine :)
    As soon as you carry on posting at least one picture a day, that keeps me happy. Wether art or illusion.

  3. LOL! the pac man skull is SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome!! nice job artist dude whos name i cant pronounce!! that is toooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! i want one of these in my living room. it would b an awesome conversation stater!! som1 would be like “woah, whos skull is that?!” and i would say “oh… pac mans” HAHAH! i luv this site btw, i come on at least once a day. (usually about 5 times…) :P -a dork that doesnt want u 2 kno her name!!

  4. YAY for passing your exam! :)

    I like the plate the best, that’s typically what I do with my food as well – especially in nice resturants.

  5. What? No illusion what so ever. Some wierd jaw things, and a pacman plate design. The jaws are NOT Pacman!

  6. That Pacman skeleton (the first one) is wicked cool. I like the other, but the first and the last stick out. The food one is funneh too. CHICKEN GHOST!

    So how many teeth does Pacman have?

  7. pfft! kinda crap, not an illusion, just pictures that resembles a ‘pac-man’ looking shape.

    try harder next time…

  8. that is pretty freaking sweet ^^

    surprised there isn’t more things like this. you know? take offs of video game whatnots?


    im only slightly anguished cause i was going to do the same thing in my art class!!
    they beat me to it

    WOOOT first post!

  9. Good, but not fantastic, I like the model, but the lemon/ peas pic was a bit too lame, i’m sorry.

    By the way, i love your site!

  10. Interesting art=/ With a skeleton like that I would like to see how pac-man would look in the real world because i never exactly knew him as to having teeth.

    The food art isn’t as interesting as the skeleton as it can be done by any 4 yr old that has ever seen pac-man on a cartoon or arcade system.

  11. i think its a little weird the skull ones really. the food pac man is cool though.a little lemon 4 pac man, peas 4 the dot things, and some type of gloop 4 the ghost. im #1

  12. this is a funny picture and im wondering when they sell these on te markt cause i want to buy 1.

    hope im first post!

  13. w00t first comment! I think it is strange, but at the same time a lil cool. What do you guys think

    By the way I hope you did well on the exam!

  14. Hey! Wow?! It’s 8:30 and I am the first comment!!!Those are cool, but I really want something like another Hidden Tiger Illusion. Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s illusion!!!!


  15. Haha, Neat. I’ve never really thought about pac man having a skeleton but I guess art covers all the bases. Bummer about the exam though. At least it’s over!

  16. Pac man never had teeth, so this skull is not a good representation or pacman. thats not cool at all. Whats with the food on the plate? Is that a chicken nugget or fish?

  17. oh yeah baby! im number 178!! geewiz people the whole first post thing is soooooooooooo annoying whether or not you are first or number 42 (H2G2).

    i liked the pac man thing its cool man.

  18. I really like this, may not be an illusion, but it made me laugh. Congrats on the exam V, I got a distinction in my last peice of work (visual communication). So a few happy faces all round.

    Keep posting the cool stuff.

    And your Might Tricks site is pretty cool too mate.

  19. It nice, but not exactly what i would excpect from this site. Interesting skull by the way. I wonder if that wazs done on pirpose. Well, duh, it ahb-viously was!

  20. the last person that thought/asked they were first was…89th post! HAHAAHAAHAA…wow…this sight really either doesn’t get comments up to fast (chances are it’s tough enough, not trying to insult!), people are really fast to comment, or!!!! people are really just as retarted as the shows they watch………drama is soooo….corny!! star trek on the other hand!!! is not!!!! anyways….

  21. Wot wud b funny is if u made 1 of dose illusions were it looks lyk da pic is comin closa nd closa nd closa wit da 3rd 1!

  22. Everyone was looking at pacman thing but look on the lower left part of the first picture.
    It also a skeleton of another creature.
    See it closely….
    The lower part of the first picture.

  23. :We have found very strange looking skull found in’Super Mario’ World 1 we can’t figure if its a fly catcher but not sure XD

  24. oyah! I HEART PACMAN THE LEMON! you can also make pacman out of lemonskittles, bite 1 time, crush & tada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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