Optical Illusion Rug

This one is unique! In my knowledge, it’s the first optical illusion rug in the world :) The squares pictured inside the rug look somehow distorted and bent, but it’s only illusion effect. I believe it’s because of the colorful lines and colors that the squares don’t appear lined up. If you open this thread, there is another photo below, which shows the zoomed in version of the rug. Now you can easily figure out that the squares are actually perfectly parallel, vertically and horizontally. Pretty illusion, don’t you think? More of these – inside Seemingly Bent category.

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  1. I agree with toine, it’s probably just the way it looks at the moment, so if you flaten it out the edge will look all wavy…

  2. 10th comment
    i think that this illusion is quite good but i really dont get all the red and white lines outside the squares. maybe its just the style…??

  3. Hmmm…I’ll bet this rug is probably really awesome in real life, but I don’t think the illusion is fully coming across in the photo. I’d love to see the real thing though.

  4. its just looking like that because you focus at the WHole rug at a time, when you look @ only 1 square, they are perfectly straight


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