Optical Illusion Fingerprints

Have you seen our featured post above? Chances you missed it are minimal, but I’ll announce it once again just to make sure – As of recently, Mighty Optical Illusions has opened its own channel on Twitter! You are all invited to follow us, and receive instant updates concerning the site and everything related. I’m still new to the service, so would appreciate all the info you could provide, how Twitter can benefit MOIllusions on attracting new readers and followers. If you have a second, please announce this to all your friends that you are “following” us, and invite them to do the same. Now back to the illusions. We’ve already covered Animal handprints in the past, but this time it’s Animal (and person) Fingerprints illusion. Can you see something strange going on with these two images? Step away from your monitor for a few feet and you’ll see it! Enjoy!

53 Replies to “Optical Illusion Fingerprints”

  1. Actually, it’s the same fingerprint with some clever adaptations to cause the appearance of a dog’s and woman’s face. Clever.

  2. I’m afraid to look at my own finger prints. There will probably be something really weird there. These are great.

  3. lmao

    i TOTALLY thought the 2nd one was Elvis

    then i scrolled down to look at the other comments, and apparently, ita a woman :P

  4. first look nothing come back later i see a dog like face in one and a human face in the other next time i come back im seein aliens now i see the dummy from saw and a face in the other!!!

  5. If you can’t see the faces, then just scroll out to about 10% zoom, instead of walking away from your monitor. The illusions look so realistic like this and there is no doubt about what they are.
    Love the site, check it all the time, keep up the good work Vurdlak!

  6. I saw the woman at first glance, her lips are very easy to identify, but as far as the dog? I saw it after stepping a few feet back and then i did it again because I wasn’t sure if it was a dog or a man with a very huge nose.

  7. i think the first one looks more like an american pitbull terrior and the second kind of looks like a woman and elvis mixed. that’s just my thought though.

  8. number 1= DOG! well easy

    number 2= ELVIS its so obvious!!!! x

    its well weird go on Google and type mind illusions of jesus its wierd u have to stare at one pic for 5mins and then look at the wall!


  9. I would love to use the fingerprint with the ladies picture in it for my business card and website, how could I do this, who can give me permission. Thank you

  10. Ohhhhhhh………..








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