Another Optical Illusion Bookshelf

Today’s illusion once again includes furniture. What? How in a world can these things fall into optical illusions topic, you ask me? To find out, check out this “ordinary” bookshelf built by Italian designers Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti of the Italian furniture design firm Saporiti. Can you see if there is something out of ordinary going on? How long did it take before you were able to spot it? Still no luck? Then feel free to jump inside this article, and scroll until you see the solution!

How about if we remove all of the books and just leave the empty bookshelves? See the subtle message now? Hope you like it as much as I did!

Italian studio Saporiti has created an interesting alphabetical and numerical bookshelf casings, which allows customers to choose individual letters to spell short phrases, dates, or other.

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  1. Nice, although I could see most of it straight away I couldn’t wok out what the last letter of the top line was supposed to be until I saw it without the books!

    1. This IS a cool optical illusion, but reading your bookcase all day long doesn’t appeal to me.

  2. This is really awesome.I first thought the partitions for books were wierd.Walls were crossing each other perpedicularly and books placed haphazardly.It was nice but not that extraordinary.

    But when the books were removed,the message became so clear.It was amazing that the message stands out clearly even in the one with books

    Great job,Vurdlak

  3. I’m guessing it spells something. Not sure what exactly without yet looking at the solution, but pretty sure it says something.

  4. Maybe I’m looking at this wrong, but I still can’t make out any coherent letters. I mean, I see what could be I’s or 1’s, but that’s about it.

  5. I seen the message in the first pic, but
    I couldn’t figure out the last letter of
    the the top shelve.
    That’s really neat though

  6. Way too cool! It took me a while to see it If you are having trouble seeing it, move about 3 feet from your screen and look at the bottom shelf. Its dividers outline the block letters CASE. The rest is easy

  7. I like this an lot.
    I think you can get any letter of the alphabet you want, so you can make any words you want too. The down side is that they are £400 per letter making the one you see over £6000 :-(

  8. Great illusion! At first I thought it was a puzzle maze, then I caught sight of the last word ‘case’ had trouble with the last two letters in the first word ‘read’ lol, anyway awesome!!

  9. I have seen this illusion more than once, and I only figured it out now. It says: Read Your Book Case. Pretty neat. Make more, make more!
    I have a book case. No illusion, though.

    Smartguy confusion
    Smartguy learns!!!

  10. I think it might work as a subliminal message as well. I wonder if they can make one that says “Blow Me” instead.

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