29 Replies to “Office Pranks”

  1. You’re a moron!! Those guys are LDS missionaries in the MTC. They don’t take coffee breaks. If you are going to try to have a funny caption at least be accurate!!

  2. I’ve seen drunken Mormons. I’ve also seen drunken Catholics, Protestants, Jews, and so on. My comment had nothing to do with the choices individuals make in their own lives. My comment at Vurdlak’s inability to make an accurate statement. They aren’t office guys having fun on their coffee break. They are missionaries doing stupid random things like most LDS missionary seemed to do on their missions.

  3. Geez V:

    Why do you have to be so serious? Why don’t YOU go take a coffee break – or do whatever to calm down. Life is too short to take everything so literally.

    Hey Vurdlak – This is an awesome site !! Keep up the good work!!

  4. Easy there everyone. Yes, no one takes coffee breaks in the MTC, (and yes, I have seen lots of optical illusion pictures – the Matrix on the ironing board is popular) but it is funny, and as an RM I do like to see the MTC represented.

  5. ROFL! My bro who’s on his mission did something kinda like that, except instead of an optical illusion, he’s had this Spiderman running gag through his whole mission. Oh, and thank you, Eran. I’m glad somebody is being a peacemaker 2nite. And V, Vurdlak just isn’t aware of the Mormon religion. Leave him be.

  6. OMy gosh I never knew Mormon missonarys could be that funny, and just to set the recored straight they are technicly not on a coffe break mormons don’t drink coffe. It is so funny though

  7. ok… i think V just doesn’t know funny nor does he/she have sense of humor!! i mean its not like any1 asked “V” ANYWAY!! grow up V! AND LIVE A LITTLE!!

  8. V, you are a dick, who care if this guy is accurate or not, we here just for fun, make fell that i want kick you ass so deep that, it will be ease to BP to stop the oil leak before they could find my foot print deep in your ass

  9. Another prank: get on a buddies computer, go on Word, and select word substitutions. Type in a common word like then, and replace it with something weird like hyper giraffe. Your mate will go bonkers typing a paper.

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