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By on June 4, 2011, with 48 Comments

Octavio Ocampos Romeo & JulietToday I’m gonna show you an illusion, I only recently managed to “decode”. Titled Romeo and Juliet, this marvelous painting (created by Octavio Ocampo) managed to fool me for quite some time. What at first appears as profile of both Romeo and Juliet about to kiss, also depicts this famous couple in their early years.

Did you know that Octavio Ocampo is one of Mexico’s most prolific artists? I’m not sure we ever talked about him in details, yet I feel it’s important to know he is very well known for his evocative paintings in which detailed images are intricately woven together to create larger images. This is what Octavio Ocampo terms as metamorphic style. By now you should already be able to recognize illusions we featured, which were done by Ocampo. I’ve added the cropped thumbnail just so that you don’t miss the “hidden” details in this one. The rare full-size original may be seen below.

Now that we covered the important part, let me share some important news. As you see I’m doing some major improvements on this site lately. Unfortunately, not always do things go smooth. Luckily, Jill is helping me with the content so I’m given more time to concentrate on the technical part. Before I can proceed with more upgrades, I need you to help me by answering these few (short) questions:

  • I believe the “random illusion” button is finally fixed. Is it working correctly for you? Does it bring you to a new random illusion each time you click it?
  • Some of our users have reported annoying pop-up ads. As I never allowed those, I think I have identified and disabled them. Do you still encounter misbehaving or ugly adds? Please send me some screenshots at vurdlak@gmail.com if yes, so I can investigate further!
  • One of our visitors reported he has been redirected to some spammy “Mac Defender” website. Has this happened to you in the past day or two?
  • What is the main thing you dislike on moillusions.com, something that makes you not want to visit this site again?

Octavio Ocampos Romeo & Juliet


48 Responses
  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, the random illusion button is working for me! I never really noticed it hand’t been working.

    I did notice some pop-up ads, but I think they are gone.

    The speed has definitely improved. It is much better than before.

    What I really, really dislike are these disgusting links to other webs at the bottom ‘extreme piercings’ and things like that. They kind of freak me out.

    • bUd dUb says:

      yeah those links at the bottom are getting bad, they were much better when they used to link to sites like Oddee

    • Valerie says:

      Yeah I agree with bUd dUb those links at the bottom are a nightmare. Love Octavios Illusion as well. Lots to find in it. Nice!

    • Ahmad says:

      The random button works for the first time. When you click it again it just refreshes the page.

    • Aurora says:

      Yeah I agree too they’re weird and annoying… however the rest of the site is great!

  2. Zade says:

    today’s illusion is extra awesome

  3. some random guy you'l never meet says:

    lol the women looks to much like a face

  4. Abraham says:

    I like this one. I noticed the illusion, but wow if I turned my head sideways it really popped out, straighten my head and it dissloved back, than turned again a boom. really cool.

  5. Slammer says:

    Random illusion button works great

    Haven’t seen any obtrusive pop-ups recently, but then again I have a ton of ad sites blocked in my hosts file, so I can’t really be sure there.

    The MacDefender issue is totally unrelated to your site. It is a virus localized on his machine that redirects him to other sites no matter what site he visits. So you definitely don’t need to worry about that :)
    Here’s a great site with some more info about that particular nasty and how to protect yourself a bit:

    I’m blown away by how fast it loads now! It’s almost instantaneous and my connection sucks. Awesome!

    Now that your site loads at the speed of light, I have no complaints at all!

    Keep the awesome coming! haha.

  6. Darm58 says:

    They are very cozy in her hair…. along with 3 face views in chalace

  7. A Snail says:

    Nice subtle illusion

    Random illusion button: brings up a flying horse and then keeps going to that page. Running IE9 on Windows 7
    Popups: none so far today
    Speed: not noticed any speed change
    Adverts: I did have my antivirus software complain at a few adverts earlier in the week that tried to download stuff – got blocked. I’m using Kaspersky AntiVirus version 11
    Not wanting to come back: Given I do, clearly there isn’t. My main grumble in the past has been the windows desktop widget taking up a huge chunk of my processor power when displaying video, but that hasn’t happened recently because there has been no video/gif animation.

  8. DAN says:

    I would like to be able to chronologically search for an illusion instead of a random illusion.

  9. jan says:

    Can anyone else see a face in the top left corner of the cropped picture?

  10. Deb says:

    yes everything is working fine. I love your widget.

  11. me123987645 says:

    the random illusion button works, i haven’t gotten any pop-up ads, i’ve also never been redirected from this site, the site does load up quicker (it used to be so slow) and I don’t have anything bad to say about the website.

  12. Rick says:

    Sometimes, I do not see an illusion and you do not have a way to see it by showing where to look or what to look at. It leaves me frustrated. Sometimes you do show it and then If I did not get it, I ended up being satisifed and actually learn how to look for the illusions better the next time. Please always have a written or visual means for the solution, Thank you

  13. Nisheeth says:

    One – Great illusion.

    As for your questions, Yes the random Illusion button is working, though I never noticed it was not working.

    Never got a pop-up, or a redirect from this site. The redirect can be caused be ad-ware in a person’s computer though.

    The site is incredibly faster. And the site is Great.

    By the way, I want to submit an Illusion, how can I do so? (And yes the button at the bottom of the page wont work since Outlook fails to configure my account.)

    • ZL123 says:

      vurdlak@gmail.com :)

      Yes, everything is working, and it’s very much faster! Thanks. I didn’t notice the Next Random Illusion button was not working.

      Concerning the illusion, I saw it! There are two faces in one head for each ‘lover’!

  14. JF says:

    you are doing a great job. Just one observation about the links in the bottom; don’t click on them if they freak you out. I personally, find some of the links fascinating. If i feel they are to much to handle then i close the window.

  15. J Kess says:

    Anyone see naked bodies in Juliet’s hair?

  16. Jennifer says:

    The Random Illusion button has always worked fine for me. Still does.

    I’ve never had a pop-up but occasionally the banner ad has blown up and pushed the content down on the screen.

    Never redirected

    Speed is the same

    The site itself is relatively basic, but I suppose that helps it load quickly so I don’t know that I would change that.

    I view your site with Firefox on Mac OSX 10.6.7

  17. Vurdlak, I find things moving faster and smoother. One question, where are our profile pictures?

    Great illusion. Took me a couple of minutes to find the two “lovers”. HE is a fine artist.

  18. This guy says:

    I just love this site, I visit it every day since 2009 I think. One thing that is not very important but could change is the logo of the site. Does anyone else thing that they should update it?

  19. JS says:

    How about the naked couple on Julieta’s hair?
    nice painting

  20. David Bethke says:

    The “random illusion” only works the first time I click on it after coming to moillusions.com. If I click on it again, it just shows the same illusion over and over. (Using Google Chrome, if that helps).

  21. Bethany says:

    Hello there,

    I am new at this site… I have looked all of optical illusions you posted and other submitted ones from the fans. I came across this site and kept up with it…. I started from May 13 to June 1, 226 pages of them!

    I loved it and enjoyed it very much… however, what I wouldn’t come to this site again if there were any body paint arts along other paintings of naked women… (to me, inappropriate) my conviction is that we all should have this site for all ages to enjoy, especially with young children if they are interested in those kind of amazing optical illusions. I’d skip any parts of those which are not appropriate to me.

    Keep up the great work, though! :-]


  22. ice says:

    There is also a two faces/vase illusion in between the two big faces.

    I use Adblock Plus, an add-on for Firefox browser, and I don’t notice the links at the bottom or the ads at the right.

  23. Someone says:

    Woah. 4 pictures in one. (I saw a face in the trophything.)

  24. paul says:

    i have your site as an igoogle gadget and check it every time there is a new picture.
    I enjoy your site and think you are doing a great job.
    While some may flame me for this, I use Ad-Block so I do not see any ads. I know this is a revenue stream but I do not click them anyway, ever, so, they dont even appear.
    I’d be willing to donate instead of see ads.

  25. chuckles says:

    moillusion is much faster. However when “Next random illusion” button is pushed second, third, fourth, etc time, it does not keep moving on to more illusions.

  26. chuckles says:

    Did anyone notice wine glass between their faces, or the body in his face that reaches up to his hairline with the side of its body being his nose and its foot being his lip? or a similar figure in her face?

  27. Babz says:

    In the full pic it appears that there is a couple, in her hair, pressed together with upraised arms. Also, each of their eyes look like a head. That, or I have had too much vodka!

  28. Landy says:

    I have the same experience as David Bethke. Random illusion works the first time, but then it gives me the same illusion repeatedly. But no popups here. Using IE9.

  29. Stanley says:

    I see a face in upper left also

  30. RickyM says:

    I have always loved your website, and often recommended it to friends. The site is working faster and without those in-your-face pop-ups, thank you. Like Rick, sometimes I need a bit more help to see some illusions. So I would value a ‘give me a clue’ button that perhaps superimposes a transparent layer with coloured outline drawing.

  31. Dave says:

    Wow… Great illusion. This is definitely one of the best posts in awhile. I’ve see the vase, young romeo and juliet, a face in the vase, and the two bodies (After they both killed themselves?) in Juliet’s hair. Very cool.

  32. John says:

    Is that the holy grail between them? I thin it is the intent…

  33. eee efff geee says:

    there is a naked man and woman back in the hair of the left face

  34. Annie says:

    in Juliet, the lady on the left, there is a young maiden, and in her hair, a man and a woman, while in Romeo’s face, the man on the right, there is a young man, very muscular, hanging onto his hat or hairline.

  35. Spoiler! says:

    Ahem. The two faces of Juliet and Romeo, three face view on the goblet thing, a loving couple in Juliet’s hair, and Juliet waiting out a window in Juliet’s face(the eye is the head) and Romeo climbing out the window(again,the eye is the head)

  36. gary webb says:

    Never been misdirected. No pop ups. Just a little trouble downloading(having to refresh page quite a bit.)Will see how it goes from this point. thank you. This site is fun.

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