Obstacle Course Optical Illusion

I couldn’t resist sharing this optical illusion comic with you guys. The impossible figure is quite familiar, yet the comic is great. There is just one little favor I’m gonna ask you – Is there anyone among us, who knows how to decipher the artist’s signature (so we could give proper credit to him)? I think it’s Dave Copp-something…  can’t read the rest. Is it only me, or does the very same signature appear on almost every Garfield comic? Update – naaah, just checked this. Can’t believe I couldn’t remember it was Jim Davis who does Garfield

26 Replies to “Obstacle Course Optical Illusion”

  1. the illusion IS the last obstacle
    is it really that hard to see??
    im 12 and i saw that as soon as i looked at it and all of u are worrying about the name??

    1. I think, my fellow is if that’s the ONLY illusion. I think it would be silly if there was just one.

  2. I think children may often draw some optical illusion pictures because they just draw things by connecting lines, and without thinking whether it makes sense… Which is amazing ^_^

  3. It IS Dave Carpenter – he is a professional cartoonist. Try googling “Dave Carpenter cartoonist” and you will all see many other examples of his work … with exactly the same signature as the one on this cartoon.

  4. I honestly don’t know, but anyway, I just spent, like, 20 minutes drawing that optical illusion in my sketch pad! It looks so cool!

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