Newspaper Optical Illusion

Once again, I’m going to give you all a big break from the brain teasers I’ve been posting up lately. Amazingly, you all are still hung up on the Count the Balls Optical Illusion I posted a few days ago, so that illusion is apparently keeping you all busy as far as brain teasers go. Plus, I found a might cool optical illusion and I can’t help but share this one. This one is so cool you won’t believe it.

So, last night I was bored and was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across an absolutely amazing optical illusion and it’s an optical illusion in a newspaper, nonetheless. I thought someone had created this in Adobe Photoshop, but they really didn’t. This is actually how the newspaper looks. Are you ready to check it out? Scroll down and have a look.

Newspaper Optical Illusion

I highly suggest you actually click on the image to view it in a larger resolution. As you can see, someone out there is a marketing genius. Their ad sticks out above all of the rest. This is some of the best and creative marketing I’ve seen in a long time.

Want to see another cool optical illusion? Get yourself a bucket of paint and check out this optical illusion.

6 Replies to “Newspaper Optical Illusion”

    1. I’m sure it’s way easier to read if you owned an actual copy. I bet this ad tripped some people out, though, lol.

  1. This is a great advertising gimmick.

    It seems that someone bought the advertising space in the shape of a rectangle in the center of the paper. By shifting the text (which isn’t real text, it’s just nonsense), they made it look like a kitchen, I think.

    I see a countertop along the left side (the number 400 is on the side of this counter) and along the back, with a hood or light fixture above the left side countertop. Maybe I see a range in the back of the room, too.

    Perhaps this an ad for a kitchen? Appliance store? I can’t zoom in enough to see the words, though I suspect they are under the number 400.

    It’s very clever and eye-catching.

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