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Hollydays are closing in, and since I believe it’s the time of giving and sharing, I made you a little present today! For all of you using Macs, be sure to get newest games in our Mac Games section. I added Fizzball – add-on to the most popular game on planet called Professor Fizzwizzle. I also added another one called Rage Of Magic 2! Be sure to check them out here. As it wouldn’t be fair for PC users (like me) to feel left out, I present them two popular games as well! First one is Chicken Invaders 3, and the second one is called Believe in Santa. They are both great, so play them and you will see. They can both be found in PC Games section.

Now let’s go on with todays illusion! Michael Ciuffo, author of the Laser Cup, created another original and quality optical illusion. He submitted it recently, with info: “This is Michael Ciuffo again (I did the Laser Cup Illusion a while back) and I’ve got another one for ya! Attached is a “anti gravity” illusion that I did recently.” Looks like original anty gravity illusion inspires many of us to be creative. Thanks Michael!

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  1. obviously he’s turned the camera 90 degrees, but still, very well done. i like this guy’s illusions. the coolest thing about them is that really anyone could do them if they wanted, but he’s amazing at it. more please?

  2. The guy NEXT to the ladder really had me going! Good job. Bet that took a lot of strength to “stand” on tip toes on the ladder and support your body weight on one hand to snap the pic.

  3. I think its awesome how its done, and how he’s reaching for the bottle. I like the person in the background, adds a really nice touch! :) Tres bien Michael Ciuffo!!!

  4. hiya, I love thi illusion, so simple but done so proffessionally that it really works. I also loved the lazer cup. keep meaning to try and find my own illusions to post… there is an artist who places faces in her images, if that doesn’t work, type Josephine Wall into a search and she’ll be there. not every painting has faces, but its one of her trademark styles.

  5. :) I like it but you can clearly see that it’s tipped 90 degrees by the way the girls hair is floating in mid air and also the way that the guys pants and shirt are drooping foward toward the “grassy wall”. And then you can clearly see that the guys hand is pressed against the grass, which is what is supporting him in the picture. I like it, but I would have worn tightish jeans and pinned my hair back.

  6. Who knows, maybe the car in the background just fell from the sky and landed perfectly straight as they took the picture! The person was climbing on a really mossy wall trying to get it all off! And they had a brick floor! Could happen

  7. why is everyone getting so worked up that they turned the camera… no DUH, i mean i don’t mean to be rude but you’re missing the point, they weren’t trying to foll you they just though it looked really neat. and by the way it does, great job keep it up!

  8. why is everyone getting so worked up that they turned the camera… no DUH, i mean i don’t mean to be rude but you’re missing the point, they weren’t trying to foll you they just though it looked really neat. and by the way it does, great job keep it up!

  9. its cool and all but really… you can obviously tell because of the car and trashcan and such in the backround. But good idea.

  10. That took me a long time to figure out!!! I’m so sleepy right now…

    Anyway, it’s a very cool illusion and- *yawn* -very creative. Keep it up!

  11. why is there a pause in the point where you post a comment and it is visible? 3 beople (including me) just said the same thing in a row.

  12. Hair floating? She could be having a bad hair day…Cmon!

    Pants and shirt being pulled? He might like using a lot of starch in his washer, and then he just let them sit in the dryer while he was drawing this thing up… Cmon!

    Move the car? That’s what makes it so “anti gravity”..Cmon!

    Hand flat against the wall? You never put your hand flat against the wall for any reason what so ever?…Cmon!


  13. I thought the enlarged photograph of the car, pasted to the background made the illusion even better. Same with the girl’s hair, which is gelled to look like it is falling from gravity, and his pants too, which are starched to look like they are being pulled down by gravity. The illusion is nearly perfect.

  14. I think the idea was to make a cool looking picture, not try and trick people. It’s obvious and a very cool picture… not every illusion is meant to decieve you

  15. Easy enough tht u could do it at home, but still awesome. His son is lying down, looking at the ball, the father has gotten a ladder and propped it at a low angle against the wall and is on it backwards. His has is supporting him, making sure he doesn’t fall

  16. Well this isnt very hard to make im 13 and ive dont this many times.. all u do is put the bottom of the ladder on the wall and have a person lay down with their feet firmly on the wall…. then take the photo sideways… ive done it b4 its not hard and its fun to do at parties to trick people

  17. I’ve done that off a 3 story building from a windowsill to a balcony rail much further away. I’ve made it look more casual. Also i knew it was fake because the car was sideways ;)

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