Nature’s Optical Illusions

Here’s a collection of nature’s illusions I’ve had for a while on my hard disk, but never published them for some reason. Today I decided to take deep breath, and browse through my illusions folder to find some of them that were amazingly created by mother nature. It’s similar to funny billboards collection I posted recently. Here are the results! First one can be seen from mainpage, other’s are inside this article. Which one did you find the best and why? I have few more, but they are rather insulting so I didn’t post them online :) Posting this, made me remember our first illusion of this type, Tree With an Attitude. Boy it gave me a smile! Made my day nicer :) You can maybe find more inside outdoors category, drop a comment if I missed some.

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  1. First comment ^_^

    I like these illusions.. Anyway, the first, second and especially the third can’t be “natural”!!!

    What do u think?

  2. :) Those make me smile. I think the one that looks like a dancer is so elegant. I almost feel like the one at the top is altered slightly to give her more of a face/hair, a more “natural” shape to her bosom, wider hips, and a cleft in her private area. I don’t care for the mosaic one becase that’s mostly not nature’s doing, but the 9-year old in me has to chuckle at the rear-end and crown jewels!

  3. your first pic of the woman blended in in the tree, not even if i saw it would i belie it was done my nature, the breasts especially are to well done this is photoshop work the others im ready to eblive but not your first pic and if ever it were 100% natural peopel should worship such a creation.

  4. Spending time in nature very often myself, let me say none of these have to be photoshopped. The third looks like some kind of statue being overgrown; not perfectly natural, but nature’s doing.

  5. obviously all are either photoshopped or someone grew them to look like that: the grass as hair…

    very neat art- but thats all it is. It shouldnt be on an “illusion” webbie. Its obviously not an illusion- just cool art.

  6. The first one is not photoshopped. It’s a body paint picture. That’s actually a woman painted to blend in with the tree.

  7. yeh, i’m a graphic designer, and you are obviously a very talented “photoshopist”. they are cool looking, but i’m definetly not buying “nature” solely. it takes some time, but it’s not hard to add texture to pictures. :D

  8. After reading through everyone’s comments, I can’t help to sit here, jaw wide open, wondering if you are all looking at the same images I am. I mean GEEZ, some of the comments here I can’t even take seriously. And btw, if you can’t speak/write English…don’t try, it just makes for a laughable post.

  9. luk guys can’t just appreciate the fact that sum1 tuk they’re tyme 2posts these so kalm down n anonymous who said #3 isn’t sexual i totally agree actuall 2 n 3 aren’t they’re elegant peices of art of a woman.i perssonally think that thy’re beyond kul n sexy also funny n wy don’t you just not look instead of comlpain my God!!!!

  10. How can u idiots think thats cool? Its pretty disturbing if you ask me…. btw there is a tree in my yard and it is scarred and it looks like a face frowning lol

  11. I have some pics of cherries that might interest all of you. These are some beautiful pics. Nature is a great artist.

  12. I agree with Steve, body paint image. You can see the left thumb where the branch forks downward & the left nipple.

    Photo #3 looks “designed”.

  13. These pictures are SO inspirational. Even though the first two are obviously photoshopped, they are very creative. They remind me of a woodcut by Gustav Dore called “Forest of Suicides”, done way back in the 15th century for Dante’s Inferno.

  14. u c her camel toe[if thats what its called] , bust and nipples, eye lids, and obviously her arms,legs, and flat stomach(1st picture). 2 me the 4th and 3rd pic are man made[obviously]. the 5th one looks like the butt lookin p-nut from “baby got back”.

  15. the first one just seems dirty the kind of tree I would only spend the night with but the scond one is sexy, and graceful, i coudl see long term relationship with that tree. maybe even have a couple shrubs and plant roots.

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