Nature’s Creations Optical Illusion

Do you share my opinnion that the rose is one of the nature’s most amazing creations? I really liked this image the first second I glazed my eyes on it. Not that I knew what wonderfull secret it hides. Can you spot another amazing creature of nature hidden in this picture? Can you find it? How long did it take you to see it? It’s easier than Face in The Coffe Trick, tough.

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  1. Oh, I thought it was some sort of insect, camouflaged :) There are actually a few insects that can camouflage so well you can’t discern them from the plant they are on.

  2. got it afta i looked in da comments, it was rite dere strate away afta i new wot i was lookin for now weneva i c it ill c da dolphin coooool

  3. I read your guy’s comments after mine…. I’ll give you a tip. Look at the very middle of the rose. Then, look up about 4 pedals. You can see the tail. If you still can’t see it, look at the top of the rose, and look at that pedal all by itself up there. Then, if you see a slit in the rose below that, well,that’s the top fin of the dolphin!

  4. OH MY GOD!! this has got to be one of the coooolest illsions after many years. My opinions:

    -This is not even an illusion as the dolphin is just as beautiful as the rose
    -The image looks unedited…It mostprobably is
    -Makes us wonder how many things might have other things embedded
    -Hats off to the guy who saw it for the first time and then loaded it on the net

  5. That was pretty easy but very beautiful. It looks unedited…
    Oh, and Emrikol, maybe you should think before you speak.

  6. dude that is awesome!Where you get the picture?Thats pretty smart i didnt see untill i look at farteds comments and looked back up and “duh” there it is!A DOLPHIN!

  7. thats cool! i had 2 read the post first, then i got it! i love this site and i get my lil sis who is five to lookk at these and she loves them to but she cant understand what they r all about so she thinks that this site has tons of great pics!! PS i am really 10

  8. I saw it pretty quickly. If you still can’t spot it, open the picture larger by clicking on it and it stares you in the face!!


  9. at firat i was like, great a rose. then i looked in the comments, and still couldnt find it, then i tilted my hed to the right and there it was! now i cant look at it without seeing the dolphin! lol

  10. At first i didn,t see the dolphin but then when i looked closely I saw it!

    I just agree that Farted was right.

    P.S:it’s near the middle:-)

  11. that is not braging, braging means “I’m better than you” like saying “I found it faster than any of you!” Now THAT’S braging. saying that your really good at something is not. (although that’s my theiry).

  12. I found 2 dolphins one is the pink one the most popular one and the other one is look on the bottom of the rose on the right of the picture there is a dolphin up-side down and it is black

  13. it’s a DOLPHIN! took 5 sec to notice.

    and also the bud at the left looks like chicken to me. O_O the round bud at the right looks like elephant face. O_O

    owell, that’s my rubbish. >=D

  14. i see a blond lady with a green shirt kinda upside down and sideways in the top left corner, and an upside down face in the bottom right corner.. way before the dolphin

  15. LMAO ;~D I stared & stared then I put the image to full size & stared some more. I thought I was seeing a dogs head with 1 ear, then the dolphin just popped out. Now I can't help but see both of them!

  16. wow how could i not c that
    c i red the comments 2 c what it waz then when i new i went back and it waz just there the hole time!!! lol!!!

  17. I saw tiger or jaguar and also fish, chicken, elephant and of course the dolphin and also the seal, there are so ,many animals in there but the seal is on the other rose.

    the chicken is on the lower right part of the rose
    and the dolphin, in the center
    fish, right side
    jaguar or tiger behind the dolphin
    elephant, left side of the rose

    seal on the left other rose

  18. Honestly, about 15-25 seconds. i wasn’t honestly counting but it was around that time span. ^.^ awesome illusion, would never have found it without those abnormal spikes in the petals.

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