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By on April 28, 2006, with 20 Comments

Stop snurling, it’s just a bag! Rather jump to “Heidi Klum’s Painted Swimsuit” if you want some real nudity. Oh, don’t forget to visit “Funny Bags” related to this post. Source: Billboardom

Naked Bag Optical Illusion


20 Responses
  1. D.D. says:

    HA HA!!! Did somebody make her pose with the bag? Or did someone take it without her knowing?????

  2. rahul says:

    nice bag ,it made her look more sexy!!!!!!!

  3. dude says:

    that awsome

  4. ~*NIQUE*~ says:


  5. loser says:

    hee hee

  6. BurninRubber says:

    It’s a laser bag

  7. MMM says:

    Hot! I LIKE THAT!

  8. Love_Spell99 says:


  9. kim says:

    ha thats kinda funny but scary if she didnt mean for it to look like that

  10. CareBear says:

    I’d never get away with it, not with my chubby li’l bod.

  11. Destoyer says:


  12. very cool and sexy.

  13. sugun says:

    very very cool bag ,A clever DESIGNER too

  14. medo says:

    your ass is sOoOoOoOo sexy

  15. rahul kumar says:

    ha that linda funny but scary if she didnet girls for it to look like that

  16. vando says:

    come to up i like it

  17. hitu says:

    that’s really awesome!! look sexy with the bag

  18. zavera says:

    can’t take my eyes from her smile!

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