Mysterious Shapes Illusion

Seems we got ourselves featured by the Yahoo front page yesterday! No wonder for all those hundreds of thousands of visitors coming in for the last few hours. Even our iPhone/iPad App got hundreds of downloads during the last 24h. Amazing… Anyway, here’s an illusion I wanted to show you for some time now, but never did. Perhaps it’s because once you see it, there’s no going back. And it seems I forgot if it was amazing enough, before I understood the illusion it hides. I better let you decide… So, can you guess what all those strange shapes stand for? If you have problems seeing it, I advise checking the illusion through one of our “Optical Illusion of The Day” widgets first, and if you still don’t get it – check this revealing article.


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  1. Took me a long time to get this one. I just couldn’t get the negative spaces to line up right. Now I should go downstairs and check the post… :-P

  2. I know what it is. I’m not saying what, though. Here’s a tip…: squint and look at the purpleish-blueish “base” (or the base color) under the blue “blobs” of stuff, than, (still squinting) look at the blue “blobs”, than, (STILL squinting) look at the purpleish-blueish “base” again, this time tracing the letters with your eyes. (EYES ONLY OR THIS WON’T WORK!!!!) See it yet? If not, repeat this untill you do. Most people saw it on the first try.

    1. OH Man! Most people got this on the first go??? I tried and tried, was sure it was a reverse space letter thing, thought of altering my point of view-and still couldn’t get it! And I’m usually pretty good at these things!

  3. Hint: this is one of those “Negitive Spaces” illusions. If you aren’t good at those, than you can train your eyes with this.

  4. I had to “step away from the keyboard” but once I did, I was able to see it and it was sooooo kewl!



  5. a mail boy is like a boy who delivers the mail for a little bit of money **old fashioned** but i think it says mail box

  6. Tamara – a mail boy is a person who delivers mail, in big offices, etc.

    Agree, it could be either – nice though, wasn’t obvious at first

  7. It is definitely “mailbox” and not “mail boy.” Although there may indeed by a slight gap between the left side of the bottom of the “X”, the so called blobby “feet” of the bottom of the “X” on both sides are clearly present.

    The best way to see it for me is to push the PC or Laptop back away from your vision for several feet and then squint with only the left while keeping the right eye closed. It pops right out then immediately. Lots of luck.

    This was a good one…..

  8. I see the “MAIL BOX”, however, being a golfer, I first saw 14 or 15 of the 18 holes for a golf course laid out. Keep up the good illusions Verdlak. Thanks. Bog, JA

  9. It’s supposed to be mail box I’m sure, but that X is deformed…. put a couple of lines on it and it jumps out as being mail boy.

    1. I’ll throw you a bone so you can see it a little easier: The blue parts are the surrounding area of the letters.

  10. 1.To user:Someone, it is not “Mall” it is “Mail.” Look at the L at the end, it has the line on the bottom going right, like an L.With the letter before the L, it is 2 small lines going left right, bottom and top like an I.

    And for those who say it is Mail Box, although I’m not completely sure, I would say that if it were an “X” then there wouldn’t be that little blotch of blue intercepting the letter, for no other letter did that. Because there is a blotch there and it messes up the X, I have to say it is “Mail Boy”

  11. Dont make the mistake of looking at the shapes. Its the ‘glow’ you should be looking at. The glow flows around the shapes to form a word/s. Not exactly clear though ! :)


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