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By on June 16, 2006, with 364 Comments

I for one hope this is just an illusion, or I wont be taking a dip in the sea so soon. However, original owner claims this is a real sea monster that was dumped by the sea on a near-bye beach. Discovery Channel also claimed that unbelievable sea creatures live in deep-sea, and that we aren’t aware of their existance. Probably this one is a representative… but I doubt it. Decide for yourself, but before you do, jump inside this article for more pictures, and then jump to eBay for more info on this bid.

Mummyfied Sea Monster... or Not?
Mummyfied Sea Monster... or Not?
Mummyfied Sea Monster... or Not?
Mummyfied Sea Monster... or Not?


364 Responses
  1. Kemuel says:

    I really, really hope that in fact *is* an illusion.

    Then again, if such a creature exists those choppers wouldn’t just be for show and would probably have made headlines somewhere by now.

  2. daniel says:

    it’s obviously fake, those teeth are clearly from a mammal, ask any zoo anatomist.


  3. Alex says:

    I’d say it was like a Fiji Mermaid sort of thing, but it’s really well done. The shape of the head is almost canine, and the teeth definately look like they came from a dog. I very much doubt that’s a fish of any sort (I’ve never seen any fish with teeth like that). I think it’s a hoax.

    The sale mentions it’s been stuffed by a taxidermist (which raises the possibility of it being crypto-taxidermy) and that it is mummified. I don’t know a lot about taxidermy, but do they mummify animals after stuffing them?

    A very, very good hoax, but a PT Barnum-style sideshow attraction nonetheless in my opinion.

    Great for scaring people on Hallowe’en, though.

  4. Chongo says:

    Come on people…. You can tell it’s a baboon (or similar ape) head taxidermied into a fish body. I think it’s real and it’s actually well done art.

  5. Jack says:

    Clearly its a HOAX those jaws and teeth came from a wild boar or a warthog or somethin. Just look at the structure of the head and compare it with a pic of a warthog or boar. Now you can tell a Difeerence.

  6. Admiral says:

    Its Obvious! It’s a fake! Why would any creature need jaws that big to feed such a miniscule body?

    (If it looks like a duck, walks with a waddle and quacks – IT’S A DUCK!!!)

  7. TI-89 says:

    Isn’t this called Crypto-taxidermy , where another animals bodies is used in combination.

  8. Hai says:

    pet?! ur nuts, er

  9. Twilight says:

    To those who are bitching: Sheesh guys, This is why it is on an optical illusion site, duh!

  10. name says:

    It has to be fake. whoever made it didn’t even do a good job. Just threw together something from different creatures.

  11. biclops says:

    I doubt the whole massive teeth but there are stranger deep ocean fish……

  12. Kitsy says:

    It doesn’t even have gills so it couldn’t possibly be a fish,the head is too big and the teeth are way too big and that top fin is a bone so it couldn’t swim. So yeah I think it is one of those cryto-taxidermy things…

  13. Big Al says:

    It has no gills…. maybe thats how it dies?!

  14. roseline says:

    a combination ofm fish and .. and .. and..

    i don’t know

  15. Johny Rocket says:

    Its a fake…. on the guys previous ebay records it shows that he bought a baboon skull… what a mystery that this shows up… plus he sold other wierd critters…. interesting though

  16. shutup says:

    twilight is right and every1 else should shut the ell up

  17. Red. says:

    haha, that fish does not make any anatomical sense. why would such a small fish need such a big head? funny tho :)

  18. LUNA TIC says:


  19. smart says:

    If it was real, it wouldn’t have died with its mouth open

  20. Gubbins says:

    There’s my dog

  21. EIO says:

    i wish it was real, but it’s a fake

  22. Anonymous says:

    i actualy saw this on ebay and did a little snooping myself. i found it is a monkey skull with teath he bought on ebay a few months prior and then he is some sort of taxidermist. i asked him why he told people it was real, he said it was cuz they knew it was a lie but that it was fun, more so than saying he made it

  23. Anonymous says:

    although this is a total fake, it is nicely done though. as to the fiji mermaid comment, that wasn’t as obvious as this, they had to get scientist to come in and examine it. i know– did a project on phineas barnum like 3 months ago. nice allusion though, that’s what i thought of too. (oh and this is directed to alex) ~~lauren!

  24. Anonymous says:

    monkey head, monkey and some other kind of teeth,little fish body.
    what an idiot

  25. guitarking says:

    I agree that it’s fake, but the point is, it’s an ILLUSION website. It is pretty well done.

  26. Jessie_K says:

    I have been lurking around here for a while now and I would like to say Nice site!

    For this being a taxi. job, it is rather well done.

    (I too wouldnt mind haveing the as a pet)

  27. Anonymous says:

    if it is real it must have been out of the water for an extended amount of time, or else its skin is really different than anything we have ever seen before, personally I’m surprised its not roting, real or not.

  28. Lin (boggart girl) says:

    Holy…. I’m not sure how this was done, all the comments above seem plausible, but either way, it REALLY creeps me out. It kind of looks like a mutated monkey/ baboon/ pirana thingy

  29. Anonymous says:

    it is not real if it was mummified it’s bones would show more

  30. Anonymous says:

    this is weird because on the beach shots it looks quite big but then in other pictures its shown with someones hand holding it and is a lot smaller

  31. Anonymous says:

    i think it looks like an evil scooby-doo

  32. Anonymous says:

    Man u can see someone shoved a baboon skull in it.. (the damn teeth wont even fit)
    thats some crazy crypto taxidermy…
    if we have jackalope, why not the babooncuda? (though its shorter than barracuda… makes up for those damn teeth) lol

  33. Anonymous says:


  34. Mugen says:

    the first two pics make is seem huge, but then he is holding it in his hand…

  35. michael says:

    clearly a fake. fish dont have eyelids and in the botom pic. it has its eyes closed

  36. Me haha!!! says:

    i agree w/ mugen. i think the real illusion is why it looks so huge in the first to pix but so small in the next one. mind you…that’s pretty easy to figure out.

  37. Anonymous says:

    this thing has to be a fake, if you saw that thing lying on the beach would you pick it up?

  38. Anonymous says:

    I think its kinda cute!

  39. Anonymous says:

    All animals have teeth which best suit their natural environment and the food that they eat. If this was a deep sea creature then it would not need big teeth like that as they deep sea creatures mainly survive on smaller prey etc. However if it was not a deep sea creature then it would be already known and not unusual, so imo it has to be fake!

  40. Emi..x says:

    I’m almost certain this is a fake.

    I read about a guy called Juan Cabana who makes things like these for a living, out of dead animals skulls, teeth, etc. and it reminded me of some work he had done.

    But it would be nice to think that this was real, because its pretty interesting. But if it was real, I am NEVER going swimming again…

  41. roflc00ppie says:

    oBVIOUSLY A FAKE. in the first 2 pictures, the fish looks huge, because all of the beach litter is small. when the guy picks it up, it becomes tiny, about the size of a large catfish. also, the shadows in the first and second pictures were very different, so unless the guy who took the pictures took a picture at noon, sat until around 5:00 pm, then took the second picture, it’s fake.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Really bad digital chop job. There are alignment errors in every shot where images were "cut & pasted" and "magic wanded" together. Something stinks here, and it's not the fish! Did you know Adobe Photoshop has a free tutorial on how to professionally render digital images? I bet you a monkey fish you didn't!

  43. Kyphe says:

    The skull is from a primate, a baboon http://www.holtanatomical.com/bilder_hq/zos53_3.jpg

    The molar teeth are a dead giveaway along with those canines.

    The fish has to be a bottom feeding ambush predator to have eye slits up on the top of its body, like an angler fish where the normally wide moth has been stretched forward over the skull, though with that dorsal spine it may be related to the stone fish family.

  44. Lymari says:

    That thing looks NASTY.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I caught a net full of these off the coast of Morecambe, Lancashire ….. just near Heysham nuclear power station!

  46. Anonymous says:

    The elusive Mermonkey! I’m glad they finally caught that thing.

  47. Anonymous says:

    i think it’s true. it’s one of the fishes that lives in the deep sea. i’ve seen one like this in the encyclopedia.

  48. Michelle says:

    Why is it that in the first pictures the creature looks HUGE, like enourmous and taking up a good portion of the beach and then in the next pictures that follow you can see that a person is holding it up? Clearly this is an illusion.

  49. Black River says:

    That’s clearly a fake. Take a look at any picture of a yawning baboon and you’ll see the same teeth and face. Fish don’t have molars, for a start.

  50. Anonymous says:

    wow now THAT is creepy!! it probably made out of clay, plastic, rubber, or anything fake becouse that is SO not real… is it!!!!

  51. GM Vancouver says:

    Blatant fake. Totally wrong teeth for a sea creature. Not even close.

  52. What the heck? that r be creepy!:(

  53. rc67 says:

    I certainly hope this was only intended as a joke, because, that’s the stupidest shit I’ve seen in a while,

  54. ren says:

    having taken a class on mammals and their skeleton and skull structures, i can pretty confidently say that that skull (based on the teeth) is a baboon skull or one of its close relatives

  55. meg says:

    it’s just like the fiji mermaid that is an amalgamation of a fish and a monkey. this looks like it might be a donkey head judging by the large, horselike teeth and somewhat closely spaced eyes. someone just dried and shrank it, stuck some sharp teeth and bones on it, and then grafted fish skin on and sewed a tail on it.

  56. Drew says:

    WTF? Okay… that better be fake or I’m never gonna take a dip in the sea..

  57. Josh says:

    It’s a baboon skull fitted into a fish’s body…

  58. Mind says:

    Really bad photoshop skills

  59. Ophelia says:

    That’s definitely a fake! Those teeth are in now way what you would have found in prehistoric fish. I’ll tell you what, though. Let’s pretend for a moment that it actually *was* real–Clearly, we can see why it became extinct!

  60. adexis says:

    it most definitely is a baboon skull. nothing would be able to evolve to be like that.

  61. darwin says:

    Holy crap, this thing can chew a steel pole ! ! !

  62. Carly says:

    thats rly scary, im jus glad its not real

  63. Renae says:

    wow. that is scary. i have never even heard of such a thing…

  64. Anubis of ZA says:

    That is definitely a fake. Firstly: it’s the skull of a baboon, we have plenty in my country and then some, so I know what I’m talkin about. Secondly: if you fall around google a bit with baboon skull in fish or some such search, you find it on a debunking site which indicates that the man who “found” it on the beach has tried in the past to sell fake taxidermy “proof of monsters”.Thirdly, the teeth are a dead giveaway, fish teeth, even the really scary ones have a finer more transluscent quality to it and they will weigh very little in order not to bog the fish down or sink it. That jaw and those teeth would most certainly cause such a fish with comparitevely small body to swim with it’s nose in the sand – if it’s gonna swimm at all. And to top it off, not that I don’t say it’s not there or put in, but I can’t seem to find the gills.Mmm, the sandbreathing baboonfish.

  65. ma says:

    gosh, not well-done at all! really looks like a donkey’s skull or something like that… and what about its scales?! they´re in the wrong way! hahaha, totally fake, pal, sorry…

  66. Sina says:

    hmm…i wonder how long this person’s been using photoshop..

  67. rose says:

    haw can u decive people by this trick
    this is realy descusting

  68. 3v1lM1nD says:

    It is simply amaizing …

  69. Megareefer says:

    Fake but not photoshopped…

    In many beaches in south america and usa one can find artists doing scary sculptures ou of fish and other animals parts.

    Once I saw a mermaid that scaried the s**t out of me !

  70. dieselman says:

    It is a baboon skull, and of course its a fake.. If it has a human skull like, I dont think it would breath that easy underwater…specially if they claim to come from way underwater. and where the man is grabbing it,,,it seems so soft. normally a fish is stiff when dead. I believe they cut of the fish’s head and stuck a baboon inside.

  71. qualo says:

    his proportions are wrong theres a head and a small tail he wouldnt even be able to swim
    those big teeth are fake altough the skull might not be
    never could be a living creature

  72. qualo says:

    with all that weight in the mouth he would just swim down

  73. Abrc08 says:

    Aaaaaah! Whatever it is it’s just fake

    Fake or I will never EVER swim in the beach!

  74. Tifa Lockhart cosplayer says:

    Obviously this is a hoax. How so?
    Well, if you take a close look at the first two pictures displayed vertically, then you may be able to infer how this “thing” is bigger than it is in the last two pictures; the one in which the person is holding it upside down.

  75. themagicelmo says:


  76. crystal says:

    that is crazy . I never show anything like that. CRAZY. Looks like it some what had eyes like humans. Nose and than the back of it is shaped like a fish. Teeth like what you see of dogs. There is things under sea that eyes have never seen and ears have never heard. That I do believe. Some we will never see. It amaze me things that we have seen underwater.

  77. amazinglysweet says:

    That is very crazy. I think that it unreal it so CRAZY. I just can not believe that this is real. FAKE

  78. dfvsrfe says:

    Hahahaha thats disgusting. Fake or real that thing is the ugliest shit ever xD

  79. James Taylor says:

    Sorry, but it’s the brilliant work of gaff artist Juan Cabana, who’s out of Tampa, FL. I’ve several of his pieces in my personal collection as well as some at my Palace of Wonders museum – http://www.palaceofwonders.com – in Washington, DC.

  80. Tuck Johnson says:

    MMMMmmmmmmm They taste like Chicken!

  81. JP says:

    the scales are going in the wrong direction.

  82. beenie weeble says:

    baboons head & a trigerfish combo very cool!

  83. beenie weeble says:

    looks like the daily special trigerfish w/baboonhead alla beach special.

  84. Mazin says:

    this thing is totally fake… it’s canines and teeth are not those of a marine animal. they belong to a predator that jumps on it prey’s back like a big cat or something and then. marine predators need razor sharp teeth not fangs. and certainly wont need grinding teeth. other than the fact that it need stiffer and bigger fins to support all the weight in the mouth…

  85. qekka says:

    No way that’s a fish.

  86. i looked at this and i showed my dad and we decided that those idiots were holding it upside down!!!!!!its a old fish just not the monster they think it is. you see those black spots on its neck look like its eyes but are not!!!look at it upside down.so if there on its neck look upside down and see where its eyes really are…..okay!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Asad says:

    Such big mouth —- such little stomach.

  88. Austin says:

    It’s a large mouth baboon bass, very rare only caught once in every century

  89. ranger-freezy says:

    i also think it’s fake
    but the teeth don’t say anything about whether it’s real or not. this fish could’ve developed from a race that went to land and then back into sea and still has this landanimal-like teeth!
    i mean, it’s like saying a whale is not real because it has the the totally wrong breathing system for a fish ^^. get my point?

  90. chuck says:

    I did a google search on illiterate morons and it sent me here.

  91. Nizaya says:

    It’s that reall???????
    Ohooooooo Fhooooooooo

  92. rawraj says:

    It is fake only for one reason the mouth looks like it could easily eat a cow, but if you look at the body there is not enough of space in the stomach of that “thing” if it every took a mouthful of anything

  93. bob says:

    its a bores skull and jaw bone upside down with move makeup and what not . just look at it with the top fangs as bottem tusks and tell me what u see , and besides what dose a fish need with molers?

  94. T.C from K.C. says:


  95. toby says:

    something fishy going on here!

  96. C I R C U ii T says:

    Just beacuse you havent seen one before doesnt make it unreal. SO all the people who say NO for sure, youre fucking retarded. theres tons of shit we havent discovered.

  97. emwion says:

    Hmm….missing link or bad photoshop?
    makes me wonder;p

  98. Cha-Billion-Aire says:

    Canid/Mamalian teeth
    Fish Skin stretched over a modified Canid (dog relative), or maybe even a Baboon, judging from the teeth. Molars and this type of dentition don’t happen in fishes.

    The scales are all wrong. Scales’ roots are toward the head, and the flap (where u can get under and scrape them off) points toward the tail. this is opposite of what is seen here. This would create far too much drag on the animal as it slipped through the water, which would make them slower, and less successful

  99. Soundwave217 says:

    that is the fakest thing i have ever seen, its clearly a model, the teeth are wrong for a sea creature, its more dinosaur then anglerfish

  100. Pasturelands says:

    How can fish have MOLARS, mr. smart-ass paleontologist? The fangs on this “FREAK” are made of bone, which fish NEVER produce. And fish don’t have MOLARS either. Not even dolphins or whales, which are aquatic mammals, have MOLARS.

    Imagine Kermit the frog, with teeth.. LOL. Even PLESIOSAURS are not this bizaare. Its DEFINITELY A FAKE. Judging by the teeth alone, I can tell that this “thing” is atleast 7 years old, a carnivore, a male, and is in a good state of health. The skull and the EYE SOCKETS are TOTALLY A DEAD GIVE-AWAY. This is a LAND MAMMAL, not a fish, not even an aquatic mammal. My best guess is its a baboon or orangutan.

    This FREAK is made of a mammal (baboon) skull, sewn inside a grouper-fish skin.

    Pal, next time you make a fake FREAK, create something less obviously a dud.

  101. haha says:

    ders no flies flying around it haha FAKE!

  102. David says:

    Pasturelands comment refers.
    Fish do produce bone – but their teeth sure don’t look like that. They don’t have dentine, and they are definitely not differentiated that way. Ha, one can clearly see the profile of that skull under the skin, and it’s a baboon’s skull. Trust me, living in South Africa I’ve seen enough baboons to know…
    As for frightening – there’s so much weight up front with those huge, HEAVY teeth, that the thing wouldn’t be able to swim straight. It’s not scary, it’s pathetic…

  103. YouSuck says:


    This is so obviously a Photoshop job

    *thumbs down*

  104. sizwe says:


  105. bill says:

    ITS A DORK FISH!!! I caught one with a corndog once

  106. clipper says:

    It’s not real, it’s not photoshop, I believe it’s not even made out of real creature “parts” according to the sculptors website. It’s “art” someone did; he’s also made hundreds more lifelike creatures, mainly merfolk.

    Do your research.

  107. paulis says:

    funny how it doesn’t have gills… besides, its probably made of something like a dog or cow skull and slightly modified yet they kept the teeth structure of a mammal.

  108. anonimal says:

    i think it has a baboon head

  109. MRehm says:

    It’s a taxidermist artist’s sculpture. They’ve been around for a while.

  110. Ken in Dublin says:

    It’s a bit hilarious this, apart from the molars and canines that are exclusive to land mammals – just look at the disproportionate size of the mouth versus it’s putative stomach – half a bite would fill it up.

  111. John says:

    To Pasturelands:
    Even though this fish is a fake, Fish do have molars, well at least one species does. Its called a sheepshead fish we catch them in The Gulf of Mexico in Corpus Christi Texas. Look it up

  112. WAT says:

    It is not real if you notice it is bigger in the first pics then small enough to fit in your hand and who would hold it seriously? It looks like a baboon skull with the work of a sculpter. Dont believe every thing you see online….PLEASE!!!!

  113. bob says:

    the black guys around here have not so big teeth

  114. ESION says:


  115. Robert says:

    The skull comes from a baboon or something similar.

  116. Nim says:

    it’s real…i caught one before

  117. sss says:

    Lol fake…

  118. Someone says:

    Is it King Kong’s cousin?

  119. democratsarefascists says:

    1. Yes, it’s fake.
    2. Not all beaches have flies. But even if this beach did, they wouldn’t buzz around a taxidermied creation. There’s nothing to attract them.
    3. Yes, it’s a composite creation. Believe it or not, though, there is a deep sea creature that looks a lot like it, WITHOUT the teeth, which as someone pointed out, is extremely unlikely in any sea creature. There are some fish that have what appear to be fangs, but they’re composed of a very different material than mammalian teeth.

  120. random person says:

    LOL it looks pretty real i mean it look like … a fish mixed with a donkey on steroids loololololololol i thought sumthin looked funny about this fish 0.o

  121. Dave says:

    The beach that this photo (background anyway) was taken on is on Tampa Bay. Since Tampa Bay is about 30 feet deep, don’t expect too many “Creatures of the Deep” to be washing up.

  122. Gullebull says:


    You’re thinking of an angler fish. Democrats are communists, silly…republicans are fascists :P

    Definitely a baboon skull.

  123. Kim says:

    No Gills?
    Baboon head and a fish sculpted together.

  124. Hmmm . . . i dont think so that its real.. may be i can be real but there no prove for that .

  125. R Thompson says:

    Well I for one think “THINK” it is a fake but there are a lot of ting that we don’t know about out little blue planet Giant Squid where once thought of as not beeing real and low and behold they are
    There are a lot of fish like creatures that lurk in the deapest parts of the oceans alot that we we haven’t seen before
    This is a weird world that we live in and are still learning.
    So TRY to keep an open mind.
    Maybe that is what the person was trying to get at
    Any way keep the picture coming I love them
    Hamilton Ont Canada! eH!

  126. Juan says:

    It’s very fake. That’s a Baboon skull. http://www.skullsite.co.uk/Chacma/chacma_ant.jpg

  127. Interesting critter but obviously made up from skull of sabre-tooth tiger or local wild boar plus skin of a grouper. BUT you do get molar teeth in sea critters. I have a sample of claws from a mangrove crab I caught on the Red Sea coast while working in North Yemen in 1977. The CLAWS have a full dentition – at least canines, premolars, and molars. And it looks like they’ve been moulded from a mammal. Not so, it’s parallel evolution n action. By the way I do know my teeth, I’m a veterinarian qualified 1972 in London.

  128. George says:

    Jenny Haniver

  129. Name says:

    This is a monkey skull in a fish skin, even a blind person could see it.

  130. Jin says:

    pastureland,lol.Just lol.
    Fish have bones mr.”I want to prove someone wrong even if theyre right and im not”
    lol.And,carvivorous fish have teeth,lol.Look at sharks XD

  131. Jin says:

    Might I add,its a babbon’s skull mixed with a common tuna I think.

  132. Haha says:

    You may be able to trick a child who’s never seen a baboon before…

  133. Laurence Zaragoza says:

    Um. This picture was taken in Tampa, Fl. Not such an exotic destination now is it

  134. lee says:

    Wow ,,,
    I can’t belive that…
    however creature alike that is living in somewhere …..

  135. loo says:

    I don’t care if it is made up or shooped or whatever. It’s brilliant. The stuff of dreams. Excellent. More, please.

  136. TD says:

    Phoney! No flies. No decomposition. Too opaque for ultra-deep ocean existence.

  137. Yakuza says:

    You are kidding me,right??Definitely this is a Photoshop job.blend in baboon n fish together.result = UGLY ASS FISH!!!!

  138. Rafael says:

    Can we concentrate on anything other than trying to figure out what is FAKE what is NOT FAKE? Its sad how the majority always is cocky trying to figure out a scientific explanation…so tell me, have you seen god? does he exists? and if your answer to these questions is yes or no……is he fake or not? Id like to see someone answer that because it CANNOT be answered if you do, your just a FAKE yourself.

  139. Nah says:

    Hehe Rafael, good point.
    I honestly don’t know what to make of this.
    There’s this one-eyed kitten, that resembles a monkey, born not too long ago, about 30km from my house.
    And it’s alive and real.
    If this fish is real, it’s probably a genetic defect brought about by our bad habits of throwing stuff in the sea.
    Think about it, evolutionists say land animals originated from the sea, and no-one’s questioning that.

  140. Nah says:

    the line:
    And it’s alive and real
    should read

    At it (was) alive and real.


  141. Nena Shylon says:

    That’s horrifying!!

  142. Kerelfutzi says:

    if it would have 1 eye more, it could be the fish out of the “The Simpsons” lake near their nuclear thing ;)

  143. raith says:

    The last few people posting above this are more freakish then this so called fish.

  144. soccer023maniac says:

    i caught one before with my dick as bait…

  145. saloni says:

    its fake probably…. if discovery people can fing blue whales and all weird things in sea, howcome they cant find these sort of strange animals….hah… its fake !

  146. Wehh says:

    either way, this photo is cool fake or not.

  147. Ciupanezul says:

    That’s only a photoshop monster created by a freaked mind.

  148. Niels says:

    Hey, that’s indeed the exact same theeth which a baboon has :D

  149. Callum says:

    I agree with david clearly a baboon skull and as someone else said it has no gills XD

  150. sarah says:

    It seems extremly large on sand, seems as it would bite a thick wood log and chop it at first attempt, later they hold it by its tail n surprisingly it shrinks( i will expect it 2 seem even bigger when they hold it for a close view.)

  151. mumu says:

    Fiji mermaid!!

  152. ummm says:

    It’s not a baboon skull – it’s all fake.

  153. Cynthia says:

    that thing is gross….whatever it may be

  154. klj says:

    its modeled from a baboon but no skull in there.kl

  155. Dan says:

    Even if it didn’t so transparently resemble a baboon, there’s no way that a real fish would have such a massive block of bone for a skull – it would weigh the front down and make level swimming impossible.

  156. Sen says:

    The scull and the jaw is of a horse, and the sharp teeth is a fake. No fish has got molars in their jaw bone. And to claim this fish lives in deep sea, its bluff, it would burst wen it is pulled up to the shore, because of the pressure it is accustomed to. The scales and the fin are just some cheap work. This is crap dude,,,

  157. Miranda says:

    Umm there aren’t any gills O.o and if u notice its tail isent touching the ground in the first pic and in the way its positioned it would be.

  158. Peunk says:

    its teeth are not built for meat. its rear teeth look like their made for eating fibrosis plants. ie. A Baboon.Deep sea fish do not need to eat plants because sunlight doesn’t go down that far. The front teeth wouldn’t even be able to attack the side of its prey because they don’t open far enough.. I say its fake be cause this little fish wouldn’t be able to survive in the frozen depths of the sea.

  159. lol says:

    lame. if its true…there should be flies if not on the ‘thing’…on the ground around it.

    plastic don’t attract flies…booo

  160. Anonymous [i did this name on purpose] says:

    its faake

  161. sky says:

    their right it is a baboon scull who do these people think their fooling you can cleatly see that the k-9 teeth are oveously a baboons and doesen’t even have any gills

  162. rockista27 says:

    It’s a baboon skull stitched together with a fish…

    If it’s real though(I firmly believe it’s not), then it would be the first fish I’ve seen that has eyes in front of the head.

    Notice every fish has eyes on the side…

  163. The Padrino says:

    This thing could be real but it looks to me like a fish with some teeth attached to it?

  164. orlandocajun says:

    So this guy has a mouth and teeth to rival a Nile croc, but a stomach the size of a bass?

    There’s a sucker born every minute.

  165. Saqib Saeed says:

    Surely its a fake!! too much photoshoped!!

  166. jim carrey says:

    a deep sea mammal? the reason for no gills. but the weight of the jaw wouldn’t sink the fish. angler fish are almost all jaws. and there are fish that feed on plants and whatever falls into water. really, one of them is related to deadly piranhas. sharp pointy teeth aren’t always for meat. it could be just to impress a female.

  167. z says:

    it’s fake.. if it is real.. for sure there were hundreds of flies on the thing..

  168. M0B33R says:

    Geeeeezus that’s too funny. Just look at the size of those “Rhino Horns” popping outta that mouth. There’s no way that thing could survive with all that weight in its mouth. That’s just too much…lol. There isn’t ONE other creature in the ocean that has a head and jaws built like that. Their bones are all thin and light for proper balancing in the water. This gets a 6 outta 10 on the Crap-0-M3t3r.

  169. bpl says:

    totally fake, first of all no gills, second, by the structure of the body, i don´t see how it coud possibly swim at all. And finally, looks like it´s suffering from a bad case of rigo mortis, did it die while trying to eat something, or does the turd just swim around with its moouth wide open like that…

  170. bpl says:

    By the size of the mouth it looks like it feeds on, i don´t know, whales? but the body structure overall makes it look like it could just digest about a grapefruit? strange?

  171. Sarcasm Kills says:

    Fake. Looks like a creation of some artist hell bent on fooling people this thing is real. Freakingly creative ideas indeed…:)

  172. wilboy says:

    This man taking a weird monster photo on beach and not a single crowd outthere….

    guys ! It’s totally fack.

  173. Aubreanna says:

    i think that those yucky photos were scary.

  174. Luis Avino says:

    My humble opinion. It is a mutant fish. Some
    nations are dumping a lot of barrels of radioactive garbage inside of the seas poisoning the waters of our planet and all kind of creatures without any consideration or

  175. genie with a dirty mind says:

    baboons are known to rape fish underwater :3

  176. Charlie says:

    No. Photoshop.

  177. Acegem says:

    I will try to buy it from ebay then I will confirm if its real or not (if not real i want my money back) ;)

  178. Ron says:

    A fish with cavities! Realy?

  179. j says:



  180. Ron says:

    Ocean water contains fluoride so fish teeth are always clean never with cavities so this is a fake.

  181. mean jack says:

    of course it’s fake, why the hell dose it have such a huge mouth to feed such a small body? it’s stomach must be about the size of one of his eyes.

    it looks like a pokemon for christ sake.

  182. Allie says:

    For one, it does not have gills or any visible means of respiration. Secondly, a marine animal would not have incisors or molars like that. It’s also just anatomically stupid for it to have a head that large for such a small body. It’s fake obviously. Glad most of you were not convinced.

  183. david says:

    If this thing its real,why it have that big mouth,its imposible,the nature doesnt do things like that without reason,This is fake,i can imagine this thing trying to hunt some for eat,and how swim this thing,really its a BAD FAKE! doesnt look even real,it looks like a monkey into a some big fish,but the exageration of the teeths it was AWFUL,BAD FAKE…

  184. Mark Martino says:


  185. michael says:

    I agree that it is fake, but some of the argument give for this are off base… in the pics with it on the beach, yes it looks big but the is nothing close enough to it to give it scale. In fact, the gulls in the background are some distance away yet are still fairly large, indicating that the ‘creature’ is not much bigger.
    Also as someone already pointed out, the angler fish also has a huge mouth and jaw but is quite real. In fact, I’d guess that whoever built this thing was inspired by the angler fish.
    Also, not every deep marine creature has gills.
    The molars do give it away though. What fish chews? And they look like mammal theeth, not fish teeth.

  186. shawn says:

    Isn’t that a dog fish?
    Btw, other then the gill’s, everything that was said was stupid…
    Bones are more dense… so the front would float up more then the back, meaning it doesn’t need a huge tail.
    The tail is sticking up in the photo because the front is heavier.
    It appears larger in the first photo because its a close-up, if you compare it to the birds in the back, everything is accurately scaled.
    Mutant fish from toxic waste? Mutations don’t happen like this. (If they even live!)

    Well, my opinion would be, it’s possible, but unlikely, but who knows? Lots of deep sea fish are freaky.

  187. Dino says:

    So FAKE- where is the BODY? only a big head with big teeth which eats food so where food goes?

  188. DR S Penilron (Ocean Expert) says:

    This species has been examined in my facilities and it is definitely fake. 50 percent rubber and the rest is plastic with a coat of paint. IT IS FAKE
    yours sincerely, DR S Penilron ( Head Of Ocean Research at The Ocean University, Fiji)

  189. trex says:

    It doesn’t have gills the teeths are canine,the fangs will hold but will not transfer the flesh to the rear,it won’t be able to swallow what it will bite,so it will choke,no swimming fins no vissible legs ,no means of propulsion,this thing what ever it is has no reason to exist,like it’s creator.trex

  190. Ania says:


  191. Viv says:

    It’s a Fiji mermaid! =] Mixed media sculptures, each with its own backstory (i.e. being found on some beach). Everyone always gets really indignant when they find out it’s fake but I think it’s a cool (though grotesque) idea.


  192. Kilson says:

    FAKE !!!

  193. David says:

    my first reaction? yea it looks fake but there are strange fish out there that no one knows about. who knows? none of us are to judge if its fake or not. it might be but it might not be
    it looks like it could possibly be an ancient decendant of the angler fish before the adaptation of the angler. ya never know. this kinda thing could be real. only way to find out is to put on a scuba outfit and see for urself

  194. robert says:

    this is something that i have seen some creatures in fiction stories. this is a fake you can tell because of the skin,face and teeth

  195. My Mouth says:

    IT’S MADE FROM CARBON FIBRE AND PLASTIC. Man, the person who made that toy must’ve thought we were dumb. What a noob. Yeah thats right, NOOB.

  196. Grace says:

    Umm I would guess its a younge horse head with baboon teeth, I would say horse beacause baboon is slightly different shape, but it still could be a baboon. Further more totally impossible for that thing to swim… head would make it extreamly difficult and with its tiny fins…. plus no gills. Either way if it did exist (which it doesn’t) I wouldn’t be to worried about swimming near one, it would be massively slow.

  197. jay says:

    maybe it some kind of demon,maybe the core of the earth is hell, and it somehow got out. maybe its a product radioactive waste and pollution and crap. maybe its a sick product of the government, we dont even know. the world is run by secret societies.

  198. Jolly says:

    It’s obviously fake but it’s a cool idea and it looks really weird and cool!

  199. David says:

    This is obviously photoshopped. Look in the background, you see a line of seagulls. But think for a second. If i were a seagull, would i be ANYWHERE near that thing. Let alone be calm enough to have several in a line. In the second the seagulls are gone, but on the dock there are several people, yet no one is scared or curious enough to lean over the edge. Nothing for the third but in the fourth you see a woman in the sand, nice pink shirt and hat, but any reasonable woman would fear of something like that and if not, fear getting something from it on their clothes. Case closed, Photobusters one, badly Photoshopped picture zero.

  200. Person who knows what he's talking about says:

    Obviously fake.

    Everything about this fish is wrong. It’s a heterodont, which means it’s a synapsid, which means it’s not a fish, it’s a mammal at best.

    Its heavily ossified bones means it can’t efficiently live in the deep sea, since it’s far too energy expedient to live on the low food availability, so it’s not a deep sea fish.

    It’s missing an anal fin and pelvic fin, which means it’s not a fish.

    It’s missing the pelvic fin means it’s also not even a tetrapod. It’s some sort of animal that only has two limbs…a bipod.

    And don’t even get me started on the fleshy lips on a fish…that don’t even extend to cover the teeth! What is the point of that?

  201. Dolphin says:

    It’s a sculpture of a mutated angler fish or it’s a mutated angler fish.

  202. Dolphin says:

    But,I like it because it’s cool and relates to the sea.I love seas,or any other body of water.And pools.

  203. Simone Bell says:

    The hub says photoshop

  204. Just some dude says:

    Comically fake. The mouth alone gives it away. With teeth like that, it should have a *much* bigger stomach. Almost funny, but mostly silly.

  205. Vickeycat001 says:

    This is truely fake so wats the point of taking up the internet space for that fake sea see monster.Thats the stuipd shit people dont look for JACKASS

  206. vickeycat001 says:

    This is the stuipd crap that just take up the great internet space

  207. Lexi says:

    This is a fake sea monster and they used adobe to make it look real.PHOTOSHOP101

  208. Beachykins says:

    Hmmm it has molars. There isn’t a fish in the world that has molars, which means it’s photoshopped. It looks to be created by photoshopping a fish and the head of a Mandrill or Baboon together.

  209. crapbag says:

    hey thats my pigfish!!! his name is puppa!!! thanks for finding my pet!!! oh wait !! is he dead??? nooooooooo puppaaaaaaaaaaaa

  210. marios says:

    Thats very very old. It’s a sculpture by Juan Cabana: http://www.thefeejeemermaid.com/

  211. marios says:

    oh and by the way to everyone mentioning photoshop – it is a real sculpture :)

    ..and David, if i were a seagull i would definitely near a fake monster :) looks cool

  212. dango says:

    its fake 100%

    semply ask ur self , how this fish with small body can swim with such big and heavy head ??

  213. Marius says:

    @ Dango
    Further on to your comment, you should all think about why would such a small fish need such a big mouth? Where would the large pray go?

  214. Cob says:

    HAHAHA. I for one think it’s actually funny. To all those who can see that, nice one. This site is built for entertainment, you pricks. Anyone with an education knows that it can’t function as a fish. “person who knows what he’s talking about” couldn’t have said it better.

    HAHAHA this time to all the people who feel smart and call it photoshop stating useless reasons. It isn’t, stupid. It’s a sculpture built over a fish skeleton with some mammal’s jaw fixed to it, and pretty well made, by the looks of it. “marios” seems on the right on this one.
    Your stupid. Shutup. It’s fake, duh, it’s not a sea monster but it’s not because it’s photoshop, smartass and come on this is the shiz the internet thrives on.
    Leading seraches: porn. This stuff isn’t half as bad as some of the shit I’ve seen. If you complain about this then you must be old.

  215. Anthony says:

    It is not real. Some have noticed what make it fake. It is just a good plastic model from someones imagination.

  216. Questional says:

    prob is fake but angler fish have teeth twice there body and moths that dont close and small bodys as the first comment said.

    if you look closely aswell its fine is there just torn off or missing

    and in the statement it said Mummified so. they havnt fully discovered every fish or know what all use to lurk in the waters. if you take a look at some of the things that use to be alive you could question if they was really real and how they lived if so

  217. Ayaz Khan says:


  218. Holmes says:

    That’s a pretty decent photoshop stunt but the baboon head gave it away ;)


  219. Belletrist says:

    Dude, seriously. It’s not photoshopped. Look up Juan Cabana, he does sculptures like this and sells them on eBay. None of his stuff is real.

  220. Gordon says:

    I think its funny that folks immediately assume that it is the image that is fake and not the object in the image. Its a hoax.

    I’ve been a professional prop builder for 20 years. Making something like that is relatively child’s play. It is an example of someone with just enough taxidermy knowledge to kludge together some fish parts onto a baboon or mandrill skull. Another “Fiji Mermaid”… and a poorly executed one at that.

    If you’re interested in seeing cool taxidermy hoaxes, check out The Minnesota Rogue Taxidermists sometime.

  221. Pete says:

    Why do people assume everything fake is photoshopped? There are still folks that get up out of their chairs and actually work with their hands, you know :)

    Anyway, scroll down to “Stranded” on this page.

    Lots of other creepy stuff there too.

  222. FreakSmack says:

    LOL… It has saber tooth cat teeth!

  223. Justin says:

    Nice job putting a baboon jaw in some sort of angler fish. Looks awesome.

  224. AlRawi says:

    i don’t know what the heck is that !
    but it’s seem like to be fake ..
    great job from the designer though :p

  225. Lyn says:

    I dunno, it could be true.. the ocean is fulled with weird ass fish like that one

  226. Bracey says:

    Baahahaha I loved all the spacker’s shouting photoshop and giving lonnnng detailed explanations as to why it is so.

    You lot fucking fail at life, pretending to know something about an art programme on an anonymous post on the interent. Fucking love it!

  227. dddssss says:

    We used to fish in a small pond with lots of starving bluegill. They’d bite an empty hook if it hit the water, really sad. They had big heads but emaciated bodies, the proportions were identical to this except the goofy teeth.

    Professionals who knew what they were talking about certainly believed the platypus sent to them from Australia was a hoax, made from several animals to fool them. Nope, it is a real animal. This could be too, except for the molar issue. Sabre teeth? Numerous fresh and saltwater fish have huge teeth similiar to those.

  228. MelB says:

    It looks like the fish from the Monty Python movie the Meaning of Life. ROFL…

  229. Kaylan says:

    I checked out the artist’s website. Wow, really horrific! I don’t know why anyone would buy stuff like that. Granted it is unusual but nothing appealing to look at! I love art but tend to think art should be more beautiful to look at, something uplifting to the soul. This is not.

  230. Believer says:

    I know!!!
    Ive fought them!!!

    they are very dangerous and known as stingers or as I like to call them water keese

    they are found mostly inside jabu jabu’s belly and can easily be disposed of with a kokiri sword, fairy slingshot or boomerang

    props to anyone that understood that!

  231. U FAIL LIFE says:

    u guys rly need help…and to believer..tht wasent to hard to understand…im a freaking fanstasy game programmer…:P

  232. eupackardia says:

    This might not be photoshopped. It is however blatantly fake. Some taxidermist used some spare parts and had some fun i suppose. The jaw is obviously mammal, carnivore (bear), canine or feline. Sorry i’m no biologist for the mammal identification part hehe. But Photoshop is part of my job and this definitely doesn’t fit.

  233. eupackardia says:

    actually yeh it looks more like an omnivorous creature with a lil more observation. So i agree with the guy who said it is a baboon’s jaw

  234. Reminds me of an old girl friend

  235. Banger says:


  236. Al says:

    Is an upside-down jaw of a wild pig
    inside a fish skin, all fucked up together

  237. Indrajit Roy says:

    Its Completely fake…….

  238. Fro76 says:

    lol for all u questioniong the photopshoped-ness or not its simple check out the shadows where available…..they dont line up at all, hint, hint,… is it photoshoped? yes. is it based off a model, either phsyically or not: for shure. Regardless its a hevially composited image, but kudos to the designer you where pretty decent except for the problems pointed out by numerous other posters…sadly the primary of which was basic

  239. Firooo says:


  240. kyuki yoshida says:

    The size of the jaw has been edited, however it is a real fish, it is called the vampire herring which is a delicacy in russia along with a weird ray like fish that has been giving the name mermaid. This photo has been edited in means of the size of the jaw and the teeth have been made way bigger, but it is indeed a real fish, you can find them hole or cut and canned in any local grocer all over russia. and this fish along with one other does have molars, I will post pics of the others later. But lately they have been finding fish, that have mutated and grown weird and sometimes even human like physical qualities, such as teeth and arms

  241. BALLSDEEP says:


  242. BALLSDEEP says:


  243. DIO says:

    if theres something strange in a photo that looks photoshoped but your not sure who you gonna call?

  244. Blurk says:

    It`s the amazing Baboon-fish!

  245. Sean says:

    scales look backwards too, I call fake

  246. Noll says:

    Who ever says PhotoShop your stupid. If you think it could possibility be real you need to go back to eating your boogers. It’s obviously one of Jaun’s sculptures and It’s called “stranded.” Some fuck stick probably paid an ass load of cash for it off eBay so he would have a Story to tell everyone about how the wooly mammoth fish washed up on the bank behind his house. APPARENTLY PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE ANYTHING BY READING THE FUCKING COMMENTS.

  247. Andreas B says:

    Look at the seagulls in the top pic they aren’t in right alignment to true proportions.. they should get smaller and smaller the further back they go.. But they don’t in this pic..

  248. Coppy says:

    Andreas B@
    Get yourself opticals. They do get smaller

    Plus i don’t think these pictures are any photoshops. This thing is real-life crafted.. though there is really odd creatures in the sea. I’ve seen a picture of another odd creature which was discovered not long ago. A pink jelly piece with two button eyes, a nose and kins.

  249. kiki says:

    ya the body proportions arnt right…. no way this is a real “beast of the sea”

  250. Dan says:

    Very weird… not sure whether this is real or not; though those teeth and jaws look very mammalian…

  251. Jed says:

    The teeth are not from any fish. Definitely an mammalian omnivore. Possibly a baboon skull.

  252. Nergath says:

    That is nothing more then a baboon skull dressed up in fish skin.

  253. Adam says:

    Somebody stuffed a baboon skull inside a decapitated fish, look at the fleshy outline where the teeth and lips intersect. They are not fastened together. Some people have a sick sense of humor.

  254. jack says:

    this could be real, but more likely, not. look at the jaw. looks kinda like they fit the skull of a carnivorous land animal in there and stretched the lips of a gruber or some other big fish over it.

  255. duh says:

    clearly from a horse/ deer

  256. Andi says:

    I’m quite certain this is actually a Juan Cabana sculture (sorry)

  257. alfalfa says:

    NO NO guys, don’t you seee? It’s a sea horse! A real sea horse!

  258. flip says:

    the head from a baboon is used.. lame try, try understanding fish estetics and body proportion next time.

  259. Katie says:

    The first two photos are the exact same thing… one is just scooted over just a smidge, blurred, while the other has seagulls added to it. It’s good photoshop work, but it does have flaws.

  260. Diego 22 says:

    is not real, real! I read in a magazine that the creature was made by a plastic artist. to see people’s reaction

  261. Diego 22 says:

    only complementing! Was it soon after the twisunami remember?

  262. Ari says:

    well… thats a baboons jaw….

  263. AnonFK says:

    Holy crap!! They forgot the body!!

  264. rickyrock says:

    heey guys …
    that’s not true
    it made from human
    I’ve ever seen it before on my toilet !!

  265. Jae-Loren says:

    Baboons don’t have horns on their heads i believe there are things out there people on this earth have not come across but hey that’s my opinion…

  266. Aaron says:

    Even if you accept the unlikeliness of such a mismatched animal, it is still impossible that such a small creature would ever evolve such an extraordinarily large omnivorous mouth. It has molars… those have only been developed for use in chewing plants that grow on land. It looks almost as if in practice the creature would just sink like a stone due to it’s large head.

  267. asdf says:

    I would have liked to read the article and not just see the pics, but your ads covered the words up. Ads over content (literally and allegorically) makes for a crappy website.

  268. Blacksunshine says:

    These are fake. the owner/SELLER of this animal also sells mermaid carcasses. All thru Ebay. I’d think if such a phenominal find were legit then I don’t think they would be selling them on Ebay. The seller/owner is a taxidermist out of FL. He also claims these only show up on a “secret” beach that only he knows about. Of course he will not disclose the location of this beach.

  269. Tobias says:

    it looks like a mutated angler fish.. well yea i seen this kind of stuff as art on deviant arts all the time, its just arts and craft people :D

  270. cfgnhfgh says:

    it would be nice to see a “fish” like that swim…
    cant you see this is fake?

  271. Vindex says:

    Well, that’s not real for sure, but you must recognize it’s VERY well done… Of course, any good artist can make it, but from my point of view, it’s great :P

  272. jean-luc says:

    this is a creation by men,,it,s never a creation from god…thats bullshit men…who would do such a thing????

  273. Billgateslovestuna says:

    It’s a devilfish! I don’t know much about them, but I do know that they live in the deepest parts of the sea and, knowing how little we know about the oceans, it’s not unlikely that it could be real.

  274. sumone says:

    its a baboon head poto edited on a fish duh

  275. extraneo says:

    and the real appearance of Italian premier berlusconi!

  276. syna says:

    by the size of his head he couldn’t have swim cause it’s 2 big and surely heavy enough to just lay on the bottom of the sea…so my theory: doesn’t exist that one -.-”

  277. Beatles says:

    It says at the bottom:
    So therefore, this is a sick illusion that looks very real in some unmistakable fashion. I’m sure this “Sea Monster” would have made its way to the Nation Geographic or Yahoo! News. These kinds of Scientific Miracles do not just
    appear and then disappear. If so, then the Government would have banned this site, which it hasn’t. Cookies for my theory? Or do you want to argue on wether or not the government is now hiding things from us.. I’d find that a very interesting topic to discuss..
    By the way, what was that other site that lead us here? I accidentally left the page, and it was a really nice site.



    Beatles has the right drift (cookies <—??? TO YOU) Ao does Syna. (: This is fake. The first picture has the tail up, but unless it was dead, the tail would have lost its capability to do so.
    The shadows are all wrong…the lady in pink isn't even looking at the fish monster, wouldn't you be looking at it? If you found a weird sea creature?
    The birds would have already attacked it, so it would have had fight marks.
    Picture 2 and 3 do not have the right sizing proportion. Picture 2 looks MUCH longer while number 3, the man is holding it and it is shorter and smaller.
    This is fake. Something like this Modern Miracle would have already made it on to National Geographic and Yahoo! News. Otherwise, the "Government" would have already banned this site and all others with these pictures so they could hide it from us, like the Aliens,
    Plus I'm sure the man would have wanted the money so he could send it in and get confirmation.
    Ayna: Something with that head and jaw could never swim at the ocean without drowing.
    PLUS: In the last picture the man is holding his fist exactly downwords, but the fish is only a little bit to the right.

  279. sarah says:

    is that real????????
    im scared!! :0

  280. pitt says:

    ths fish is real,we saw this already in pacific deep and we saw larger than that.it is similar to goosefish and hatchet fish.

  281. Jeff says:

    This is a Baboon skull with the hide of a trigger fish pulled over it, then dried. Pretty cool idea for a hoax. Must have sucked for the trigger fish, and baboon though.. haha

  282. Desiree says:

    If you go to the video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7ocs_rgWjo&feature=player_embedded#! you can see it at 1:13…. :) Very cool though… He does use parts of real fish etc.

  283. pascal says:

    looks like a dog

  284. Dr.Klocktooth says:

    I despise taxidermists… they dress up animals, such as dead foxes on the sides of a road, as if they are mannequins. Just because this poor collaborative creature isn’t put in a gown, doesn’t make it right… TAXIDERMY IS NOT AN OKAY THING TO DO… in my strongly emoted opinion

  285. MossCow says:

    ‘Fraid it’s a fake. I’m in zoology–specifically fossil reconstruction–and those are hippo teeth.


    They’re upside-down (jaw on the maxilla and maxilla on the jaw), but that’s what they are. Hippos have incredibly distinctive teeth.
    The body seems to be a barreleye or something similar. Hard to pin down.


    My guess is, it’s a model or taxidermied fish body (lack of flexibility and some filed-off scales suggest it’s an anatomical model cast from a real fish, which you can order online) with a crafted head. At our workshop, we make life reconstructions all the time. Something like this, with just some cobbled-together parts, would take us about a week. He’s very cute, but very fake. Also, he doesn’t seem to have gills. :)

    • QuantumEntangled says:

      I stand corrected, hippo teeth not donkey. However the lips and the way the front teeth are situated looks like the front portion was crafted after a donkey.

  286. MossCow says:

    Just saw the suggestion of baboon teeth, which I think is possible, but less likely than something either custom-made or cannibalised from a hippo model. In nerd-speak, his second premolar isn’t right for a primate, even a baboon.

  287. autopilot says:

    It is a male baboon skull put into a fish skin through taxidermy. Put “baboon skull” into google and compare. It is still cool though, in a creepy kinda way.

  288. joerry says:

    is this really true?wow unbelievable.

  289. QuantumEntangled says:

    No seriously, whoever took the photo (and thus created the “illusion”) obviously has no understanding of nature. You can’t just combine carnivore teeth from large cat (tiger, lion etc) and herbivore teeth from a (donkey, jackass etc) and call it a weird sea creature (omnivorous or otherwise).

  290. QuantumEntangled says:

    Also, the physics of such a creature would never work. Such a creature, as is faked here, could never swim, let alone evolve in our oceans. A very, very poorly done fake by someone with very, very limited knowledge (and I’m being generous) of nature, science and evolution.

  291. Dolphin says:

    Well,the angler fish has a body with that shape…The mouth is a bit big,though…but where are the gills or the blowhole,anyway? Maybe someone just created a really well done fusion of animal parts.

  292. blagirl says:

    funny a fish like this was in one movie……. funny funny very funny

  293. Khairul89 says:

    photoshop look at the egde of line there is a cutting line and pic 1 & 2 the monster look bigger rather in hand of the owner also in pic 3 u can look at the hand
    where there is misallignment between the line..

  294. Kae says:

    I know this is an older thread, but am I the only one reminded of the “WereDogfish” from The Little Mermaid animated series on the Disney Channel?

  295. machine says:

    i think it is a fake, because in the deep there is no fish like that :)

  296. Rapid Cash Traffic says:

    This is sea monster, but never believe in eyes its real!!!!!!!!!!

  297. Tom says:

    FAAAAKE!!!! case closed

  298. Ren Arengo says:

    what the hell is that?

  299. livs says:

    dunno but when i next go to da beach im not rushing to go in the sea

  300. Kendall says:

    How you know its fake?

    • Ser says:

      Mamal teeth on a fish body? Unlikely.

    • Abob says:

      I think its real. U kno tht weird fish tht has the giant light dangling from its head to attract prey? it looks like one of those, maybe its a decendant or ancestor or its tht crossed wiv a pirhana???

    • d says:

      fish don’t have solid teeth, the closest things are sharks, with their hardened (cartilage?), and piranha with their jagged jaws. those are molars. there is no evolutionary reason why a fish would need to develop molars. A. they are herbivores, and therefore would munch softer things like seaweed, or kelp. B. they are carnivores, and would have SHARP teeth, C. they are omnivores, and would most likely not develop any teeth at all. SCIENCE the one true answer for everything, and the things we haven’t answered yet? WE’RE WORKING ON IT!

  301. John says:

    This is really unbelievable.

  302. snooze says:

    Looks like somebody jammed a baboon skull inside a fish skin. Isn’t that amazing!?!?! Too bad they used maraschino cherries for the eyes.

  303. u bum says:

    ur rit that totally fake

  304. u bum says:

    lik mamal teeth & a fish body WOW

  305. arianna says:

    OMG what is that??

  306. athena says:

    … scary

  307. MeEgAn GaLaNtE says:

    What the heck is that!?

  308. KLB says:

    they just stuck dog teeth into the mouth of a fish and hot glued the top fins on, look how there’s no scales in between or around the top fin. fake

  309. britt says:

    Wow, what a fail. Why? Because it looks really huge on the ground but then it looks small that you can pic it up. UBER FAIL!

  310. d says:

    ALSO, if that were real? some scavenger would have eaten it lOOOOng before it ever reached any beach.

  311. nummynums says:

    sooo fake.
    cuz its back end of its body isnt touching the ground and theres no such thing as a fish that small with teeth that big

  312. payton says:

    saber tooth fish!

  313. grace says:

    lets fillet it and throw it on tha grill…..ill make a necklace out of its teef..lol

  314. Karlo Sputnik says:

    may i know where’s the gills of that “FAKE”
    man made creature…??

  315. Iam1vs100xp says:

    -The big head cant be supported by the body
    -It’s impossible to close the mouth
    -No gills

  316. Mandi says:


    The anglerfish has sharp translucent teeth. The male anglerfish will attach themselves to the females kind of like parasites with their teeth. So, there are fish who have teeth.

  317. demona_013 says:

    I agree with a lot of you. Its total fake. A baboons skull wrapped in some kinda fake fish skin(fiber glass or other material) then extra stuff added on.

    • BigAl-67 says:

      Absolutely a baboon’s skull, 1st thought of a Chimp but the ridge of the nose is too long. HOWEVER, Excellent taxidermy, sweet.

  318. annaj:) says:

    geez bout peed me pants…laugin at how fake this is!!!:)

  319. Letodan says:

    Well, that is fake! Have you ever seen a fish arriving on a beach shore, mouth opened like that with mammalian teeth, almost looking alive. Come on. It would have been found lying on the side, body deformed and at least, slightly decomposed. Instead, this creature seems almost ready to be put on a desk to be shown. This is clearly a creation.

    • Vaughn Braithwiate says:

      someone could have placed it into that position for the photo……. but still it is most likely fake but also possibly real the mystery remains

  320. Dan says:

    My opinion:

    If it is real, then it would be a cross between an Angler Fish and a Pirahna.

    I highly doubt it is real, though.

  321. Actually I Navigated to this page via Google, It’s really interesting year page. Thank you very much for sharing. In Indeed impressive.

  322. melovekitty says:

    Looks like its part dogfish

  323. Pip R. says:

    Charlie (fourth post from the top) is right – -this is the art of Juan Cabana. I visited the site at the link on Charlie’s post, and it’s fascinating.
    One of the giveaways that this is not a sea creature is that the eyes are intact. Anything which washes up on a beach becomes eyeless in a very short time due to ocean birds.

    • I comment when I like a post on a website or if I have something to add to the conversation. It’s caused by the passion displayed in the post I looked at. And after this post Mummyfied Sea Monster&. I was actually excited enough to post a thought :-P I do have 2 questions for you if it’s okay. Could it be just me or do a few of these comments come across like they are left by brain dead folks? :-P And, if you are posting at additional social sites, I’d like to follow you. Would you make a list all of all your public pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

    • Open to suggestion says:

      In fairness, regardless of whether this one in particular is fake, we still don’t know everything about all sea-species and there is a possibility of creatures like this existing…

  324. I for one hope this is just an illusion, or I wont be taking a dip in the sea so soon.

  325. Mihaela says:

    What a beautiful photoshop. Total fake.

  326. danieljephcott says:

    This is totaly real this monster could live at the bottom of the deep sea somewere we could not get to yet so their.

  327. Ary says:

    grabbing you by the balls LOL

  328. Ary says:

    I am glad that thing isn’t realCan you imaging sun bathing on the beach enjoying the sun and a corona,, and all of a sudden it catches is grabbing you by the balls LOL

  329. Doctor Monkeyfish says:

    It’s clearly a corpse of the endangered Baboonfish (Artsencrafticus Baboonicephalus) Their diet is omnivorous, but mostly herbivorous; yet they eat insects and occasionally prey on fish, shellfish, hares, birds, vervet monkeys, and small antelopes. They are foragers and are active at irregular times throughout the day and night. They can raid human dwellings and in South Africa they have been known to prey on sheep and goats. Their most striking feature is a skull that comprises 80% of their body mass. They also enjoy long walks on the beach and candle-lit dinners.

    • Harper says:

      ROTFLMMFAO@ “Atsencrafticus!!” baaahahahahahaha OMG I just appreciate you right now for giving me life…Hell, I don’t have to view anything else all night! OMG…I LOVE THIS POST! LMBOOO

  330. Rjcc says:

    F. A. K. E. !!!!!!!

  331. Kyle says:

    i think it is fake but it looks cool nothing with skull that size could swim and it would be rotten as crap

  332. Mubarak Eltayeb Abdalla Ali says:

    Just i wnant to know:
    from where you got these v.long caninies?
    how she closes its mouth?
    &what kind of food does ti eat?

  333. Don says:

    What about gills not that that really had to be said about it being fake good job on making it though

  334. Vaughn Braithwiate says:

    looks fake but then again our oceans are vast and there is what you call andlerfish that do look similar although they have a bulb one their head which is used to lure in its prey

  335. Vaughn Braithwiate says:

    you also get the pink frogmouth which in looks is very similar to the pictures

  336. Ralph Lauren UK outlet online says:

    So not real… Is there any accident report regard this? haven’t heard about it.

  337. Wrenne says:

    It’s obviously a fake because the creature should have an ability to close it’s mouth, but there isn’t enough room.

  338. Joe says:

    It is fish skin stretched over the skull of a baboon.

  339. Crazy illusionist says:

    Obviously a fake. The birds didn’t give a damn about it

  340. dee boy says:

    wat da fuk is dat i need dat in my fish tankkk

  341. Suzanne says:

    This is the artist and some more monsters : http://www.thefeejeemermaid.com/gallery1.htm

  342. EmoDeidara says:

    i say real you can kinda see how it would move and it could have moved and that it could survive with its mouth open so it could eat. so my kind sirs and ladies this is real

  343. Serebii says:

    I say it’s not real. The teeth look like mammal teeth. Someone probably took a mammal’s skull and made it look like a fish.

  344. Noah says:

    How could this be real? Okay look at the first picture… IT IS BASICALLY FLOATING IN THE AIR! Although that could be from the weight of the skull? I don’t know! That probably a baboon skull stuffed into the mouth of a fish… Or it is photo shopped and they morphed a baboon with a fish? All I am saying is that is surely NOT real.

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