Moving T-Rex Optical Illusion

How’s everyone doing on this Monday morning? I know, it’s the start of the work week, which kind of sucks, but I certainly hope you enjoyed your weekend. I had an amazing weekend and the weather is warming up, which is a very good thing. I’m extremely excited to see the weather getting warmer.

I’ve realized that we haven’t had an actual video optical illusion in a very long time, so today I have an amazing one for us. In other words, I’m really pumped up to be bringing you today’s new optical illusion. This is known as the “Amazing T-Rex Illusion” and basically the T-Rex’s head seems to be following you no matter what angle you’re looking at it from. Check out the amazing video below.

How did you like the video? That’s a pretty amazing illusion, huh? I certainly hope you enjoyed it and I’ll try to post up more illusions on video in the future.

Would you like to see some more optical illusions? If so, I was looking through some of the archives and came across a pretty cool optical illusion that is definitely going to play with your mind a little bit. Click here to check it out right now.

5 Replies to “Moving T-Rex Optical Illusion”

  1. Excellent. Another example of the ‘inside the mask’ illusion, that’s so hard to decipher until you can see the edges.

  2. I printed out one, and its quite convincing when looked upon from far away :)

    The video gives a better effect because of being 2D i think.

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