Moving Ship Illusion

I’ve red all your coments from previous post, and see most people ask why am I talking in plural when adressing person behind this site (me). Well, I like to think of myself as very important, so I use “majestical we” when adressing myself ;) Just kiddin’. Forward with today’s illusion: Is this ship really moving? Since you’re here it’s obvious that the answer will be it’s yet another illusion. But look how stong it is! This image is static JPG, but still deceives!

30 Replies to “Moving Ship Illusion”

  1. the dots fade to white in opposing directions making it look like they’re moving, if you dont see it at first look from top to bottom (helped me at least)

  2. Don’t see this one, I know blue and red get some “moving” effects.. (when you use it in Logo’s and text) but no, this one doesn’t work for me

  3. wow!thts awsome it really looks like it is moving!!that is cool!!i even got my parents to look at it (my dad did not get it but my mom did she is so smart)
    do some more of those so cooollllll!!!!

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