Mouse Trap 3D Chalk Drawing

We’ve featured tons of 3D chalk drawings on the site before, but what makes this one particularly special isn’t the subject matter (although Mouse Trap is a great choice), but the awesome video of the masterpiece being completed.

The lead artist behind this work is Tracy Lee Stum, who happens to hold a Guinness World Record for the largest chalk painting by a single individual (as opposed to the largest chalk drawing by a group, which is featured on Moillusions here). Yeah, she’s pretty impressively talented whether working with a group, like she did on this Mouse Trap project, or working alone, like she did on the record-winning Last Supper piece below.

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    1. havent you ever played Mouse Trap Board Game before?
      anyways artworks are always so amazing. i wonder how its possible?

    2. It’s an old “board” game called “Mouse Trap”, dates back to the 70’s IIRC – possibly even late 60’s.

      Details here :
      Oh, I see it does go back to the 60’s – and I’ve only ever played the original version.

      What the Wikipedia article doesn’t mention are any of the physical hazards – particularly when dismantling the mouse trap. I recall once managing to shove the hand on the pole up my grandmothers nose – she was leaning over just as I managed to get the piece free !

    3. It’s like this, you have to spin the red wheel which makes the yellow wheel spin. That makes the red long thing move back until it snaps free and it makes the green boot kick the yellow bucket. The bucket then tips over and releases a metal ball. this goes gently down the red stairs and into the red slide. once down the slide, the metal ball rolls into a pole with a hand on top. The hand holds a larger ball, but because of the shaking, the ball falls of the hand and rolls down into a tub with a hole in it. When the big ball falls through the hole, it lands on a seesaw. On the other side of the seesaw is a diver who is launched in the air. Hopefully it lands it the yellow tub and creates enough disturbers to make the red cage, which lies very loosely on top of the pole, fall down. The pole guides the red cage gently downward to make the cage fall over the mouse who sits there and was stupid enough to stay there once the red wheel was turned.

    4. Reply to “Huh?”

      I’m not sure if your comment was Serious or
      Joking. If it was a pun, then pay no
      attention to the explanation below! Thanks!

      The “Mouse Trap” Optical Illusion is the
      very 1st pic above. The artist painted a
      3D image of the popular Board Game called
      “Mouse Trap”!

    5. This brings back memories. By the way this desgin is based on a board game called mouse trap, not an actual mouse trap.

  1. It is A game from the early 60’s called mouse trap,and not a real trap stuck in somewhere,but on the lighter side my dad did say i trapped him into the 5.00 US for it and was told to at least look like i was having fun with it, i did and so did he.

  2. This is not as large scale as some of the other chalk drawings…

    And I think this depicts a mouse playground rather than a mouse trap.

    But, still, the production video is really cool.

    1. It’s not a “mouse playground”, it’s Mousetrap, the board game! It’s mentioned in pretty much ALL the comments.
      Some people are such morons.

  3. There is a mouse trap, you just have to look for it, it’s not your typical trap.

    It is a great piece of chalk art. I realy enjoy them. Keep them coming.

  4. I love these 3D chalk drawings. I just wish I could see them in real life, but no one does them in my city.

    Huh? says he doesn’t see a mouse trap. D’oh! The whole image is based on a kids game called mouse trap, which is basically a Rube Goldberg style mouse trap.

  5. Hi!

    I don’t like very much, this illusion because the red part that is out of the drawing looks like it is painted and flat.

    P.D Mousetrap is a boardgame

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