Miniature Switzerland Optical Illusion

Concerning the site, I’m proud to announce that we hit Digg’s front page yesterday with spinning silhouette illusion. This triggered over 200,000 visitors in one day, and resulted in many new automatic link trades in our toplist. So big thanks goes to whoever submitted the article to social bookmarking sites like I explained yesterday! Hope you do it again once in the future :)

About the illusion… Here’s what I want you to do: open this article, see all of the photos inside, comment as you would that “this isn’t optical illusion“, just some plain houses and locations, and you’ll be wrong once again! What you see below are models and miniatures of locations in Switzerland photographed by Stefan & Susanne Walter to appear as if they were real locations. If you are a long time visitor, you will notice this illusion is complete opposite of Olivio Barbieri’s Toy World. While Olivio photographed real locations to look as if they were miniatures, Stefan and Susanne did quite opposite – they photographed miniatures to appear as real stuff!

This is what Stefan or Susanne wrote: “I am having fun visiting your site. I just visited your site with the pictures of Toy World by Olivio Barbieri and Miklos Ga├íl. Here I am sending you also pictures of small model buildings. I tried to take the picture from such an angle that they look real. By the way these buildings are of Switzerland.”

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  1. Why is the Roman Numeral IV (4) displayed with four “I’s” (IIII) instead of “IV”? On both of the pictures with clocks it is like that.

  2. jcolby said…

    Why is the Roman Numeral IV (4) displayed with four “I’s” (IIII) instead of “IV”? On both of the pictures with clocks it is like that.

    Its a NON-ROMAN Clock. I think I read about this in the book, Hannibal Rising :)

  3. wow, it really looked real, until the model cars/ppl were in it. and the pic with the clock tower, the kerbs were doing a bit of criss angel! (defying gravity) :)

  4. Many clocks with Roman numerals use IIII instead of IV for the 4.
    The reason is aesthetics.
    The 4 is opposite the 8, which is VIII. VIII gives a better symmetry with IIII than it does with IV.

    As for the models, they are fantastic. Incredible detail.

  5. Yeah the clock is because of symmetrical balance with VIII. Every Roman numeral clock is like that.

    I think that place is one of the coolest places in the world. It’s so awesome – I was totally fooled until I saw the minature people lol…

  6. Very nice, I’ve always liked miniatures… Too bad the people and the car give it away so quickly, though. They’re definitely not as high quality as their surroundings!

  7. at first i thought it was real and then i saw the picture of the two trains and to me it didnt look real so i looked at all of them and notised that the people were clay

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