Mickey Mouse is Wicked Optical Illusion

So, I take it that all of you survived Monday? Good, and I hope that my post yesterday helped bring a bit of enjoyment to the start of the work week. Now, I have a new optical illusion that I’m going to share with all of you. Over the weekend I did a Dodge Viper Optical Illusion post that showed you what would happen if the logo was simply inverted. Well, today’s post is going to be in similar fashion. I love these types of posts, because it just shows you that simple turning a logo upside down can change the whole image entirely and even give it a different meaning. This optical illusion is known as the “Mickey Mouse is Wicked Optical Illusion.” Just the name alone probably has you scratching your head. I mean, how could a lovable character like Mickey Mouse be wicked? Well, scroll down and you will find out!

Mickey Mouse is Wicked Optical Illusion

So, there you have it. Simply by flipping the image upside down you can see that it completely changes everything. Also, Mickey Mouse’s face is a ying yang, which is pretty cool and oddly enough works well with the character. If you liked this image, you should feel free to leave a rating for it by clicking on one of the stars. Believe me when I say that I value your input greatly. If you want a bit more interaction, you can always leave a comment below in the comments section and I will certainly read it.

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  1. Unlike the Dodge Viper, flipping the image upside down does not work. The image works fine in normal orientation, where it is plain that the text is a mirror image. Nice!!

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