Mercedes Re-Invents Marilyn-Einstein Optical Illusion

While browsing internet archives for some new billboards, I’ve stumbled upon a peculiar ad done by Mercedes-Benz. It’s depicts their attempt to re-invent the classic Marilyn Monroe – Albert Einstein illusion, and give it a whole new meaning! Apart from saying this poster was done for the new Viano, there is no need to explain it further as the images below speak for themselves. What you’ll see further below (inside this post) is a close up of a central photo. When did it switch?!! I think this example perfectly showcases original illusion in action! You can see the full size poster by opening the photo below in a new window.

43 Replies to “Mercedes Re-Invents Marilyn-Einstein Optical Illusion”

  1. i need to forcefully zoom in a WHOLE LOT to get albert einstein to appear, and i’m not even on that high of a screen resolution! :P With optical illusions liek this though, screen resolutions do play a big part…

  2. That’s totally awesome :3

    (and if you move back from the “sheer intelligence” one, it turns to beauty :D XD)

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