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By on May 21, 2006, with 49 Comments

This illusion is the same as “How TV works” illusion. You should move away from your monitor or disfocus your eyes (narrow them!) until you see a face of a famous model Marilyin Monroe. Do you see it? Comment!

Marilyn Monroe seen through Pixels


49 Responses
  1. Angelnr12 says:

    While reading the text, i saw MM already.
    When you look straight at the dots tho, she’s gone again.
    Funny trick. :)

    Hugz&Stuff, A12

  2. Busted says:

    All ua have to do is cross your eyes very slowly, and you can see it! :P

  3. freak says:

    why can i see a pig too

  4. Hai says:

    i see it

  5. Sakura says:

    I also see it.. O_O

  6. lulu says:

    very good.

  7. Jaimee says:

    it looks like she’s laughing or sumtin…

  8. shev says:

    blur ur eyes…



  10. luis says:

    yup see it like ur trying to look at ur nose and u can see it clearer

  11. sarahx says:

    i cud cee it with out moovin my butt =] gud eh!? x.

  12. lily says:

    yeah i see it..hey how did u do that..cool

  13. Anonymous says:

    I had to lean back a little till I saw it!!

  14. angelcat says:

    i cant see anything

  15. Wilton says:

    OMG… It’s SO COOL!!! It’s like she just popped out of the 4th Dimension!!! Notice, though, that when you cover part of the picture up, you can’t see her any more… AWESOME!!!

  16. Read me says:

    This illusion is amaizing. It works better my way though…
    1. Copy Pic.
    2.Past in an edding softwere
    3.Shrink waaay down to size

    This makes it encredibly easy to see- TRY IT!

  17. Mysterious Person says:

    Kind of creepy, and subliminal

  18. Anonymous says:

    this is cool. i wonder how … ???

  19. Mrityunjay says:

    This is sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    that’s so cool!!!!!!!!!!

  21. wasted says:

    I can even see her beauty mark that’s so cool

  22. Emmie says:

    I can’t see anything…

  23. Alan says:

    if you look deeper into the picture, you would notice that the “picture” is formed merely by the size and thickness of the varying dots. by altering the diameter of the dots, you can in essence, create a picture . just think of the dots as a set of pixels. the more intense the energy burst, the bigger the dot.

  24. Anonymous says:

    awesome! it was so cool!

  25. Anonymous says:

    i see young man or young girl

  26. aimeeissmartest says:

    I can just see someone I find that if I tilt my laptop a little I can see it better

  27. beastly says:

    her mouth looks like a hamburger

  28. Anonymous says:

    LOL!!! Busted is correct!!! itz kind of hard to see her, but after, like, a minute or less, her beautiful face appears!!!=^-^=

  29. Anonymous says:

    i have glasses and i can not see good. I put them off and then i was able to see a face :D

  30. heather says:

    that dosm’t look like Marilin Monroe it looks like a man!!!

  31. Cool illusions says:

    illusions…are so cool i wish i can made one

  32. Anonymous says:

    YOU ONLY NID TO MOVE ABOUT 1 METRE AWAY for those who cant see

  33. zebarnabe says:

    First time i saw it… it looked like Albert Einstein … but after a little while i noticed it looked like that classic photo of Marilyin Monroe… XD … Fun fun…

  34. Dallas Lavis says:


  35. Dallas Lavis says:

    cross eye and look

  36. lolipop101 says:

    cool i like this one but its easy 2 see something more dificult would be cool otherwise its pretty good! :)

  37. sizwe says:

    iv seen this a millon times and it gets more boring

  38. tealsz says:

    omgggggg i saw it when i juss squinted me eyes a bit. XP

  39. kay says:

    yess i see it :) awesome website by the way im on here like every day i think im obsessed hahah :)

  40. A7A says:

    Awesome! Thanks :)

  41. olivia says:

    omg omg omg epic!!!!

  42. Marko says:

    thats trippy as

  43. MumuAndNezzy says:

    just take a few steps back to see it

  44. Christina Allen says:

    WOW thats kool :)

  45. saidie says:

    you need to shake your head

  46. Kristen says:

    I see her right away, eve while looking straight at the dots at close range, she never disappears either…Weird & interesting how people’s eye’s (or brains) see things differently…

  47. Anonymous says:

    Oh my word! That is amazing. I stepped back 3 yards, and there she was! I moved in closer again, and it was just a haze of dots! This is a truly awesome image!

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