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  1. You should post the artist’s name when you put these up. For those who are interested, the artist is Octavio Ocampo.

  2. I have a framed print of this painting in my bathroom :) I bought it in Tijuana for $10. I had no idea who the artist was though, thanks Michael.

  3. If you get a chance and you can enlarge it you can actually see that practically the whole page is made of nothing but faces there are alot to count!!!

  4. oh my god that picture is wierd
    I remmember something like that from a movie but I can’t remmember oh well bye peoplez

  5. the faces are obviously too many – got too tired to count. haha. but it’s nice. wish i had the talent to paint like that. hahaha.

  6. Hey, I got 20. If you want to find alot, do what that Angie girl said and enlarge the picture, it really works!!:P

  7. It’s kinda like the movie “Ella Enchanted”,
    wich is a kiddies movie about a girl who is cursed to do everything she’s told.
    There are alot of hidden faces in that too.

  8. Haha I used this picture for an 8th grade project when we were reading Don Quijote de la Mancha (spanish class if you haven’t realized)

  9. I found 103. I found faces in the eyes, noses, etc. Of faces that were in faces that were in the sky that was in this pic. Cool, huh?

  10. There are an insanely huge number of faces in this image–I have lost count! There are also quite a number of full bodies–such as in the monsters’ eyes, noses, and mouths. There are also some animals–a donkey, a dragon, etc. I assume all these tiny images are from different parts of the Don Quixote story.

    It is easier to see them here: http://www.skend.com/Octavio_Ocampo_Don_Q.jpg

  11. This reminds me of a painting that hangs in a bar in italy. It has eyes all through it. I have a picture of it and if I can, I will try to get it posted here.

  12. found 18 does anyone else see the man with his arms spread out. His hands are sticking out the side of each windmill and his face is at the top of one of the windmills.

  13. I found 15 but one of the faces is kinda a cheat. And what are you trying to say, random gurl1265?! I’m 10 and I’m good at this stuff. It’s fun.

  14. i found about 16 including a cartoon freak dog,
    a mad professor, a robot face, a devil thing, a
    few streched faces and a horses head!

  15. I found 20 and I know there are more, no matter what “it” says!
    Watch your language by the way. And…who r u calling “it”? Does “it” have a name? Why should I trust “it” when “it” can only find 19 faces?

    1. iknow this trick its obvious isnt it??? its another one of those illusions of seeing only what u think is a set number of images when it can be infinate

  16. omg listen there are not 33 or 20 or freaking 78 u are staring at the picture to much so every little thing is becoming a face. and then u writing that u just found 1000 faces and blah blah blaaah!!!

  17. Yeah… I lost count at almost 30.. but there really is probably millions… I love how there is at least 3 faces on the horse himself..

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