Man Shaped Lake Illusion

If you ask who’s Da Man behind this funny Google Earth discovery, its Edmar B. dos Santos from Houston, Texas. Beside thanking me for my nice homepage, he added: “I found this very interesting place in Google Earth. It is a man shaped lake in Sao Paulo state Brazil and the coordinates are: -21° 48′ 18.53″, -49° 5′ 23.92″ Its pretty funny, considering its same principle as those crop circles we had while ago, or Cardinals baseball memorial. This isn’t a crop circle in Google Eart, but I bet there was some prankster cropping involved. My comment – what happened to your manhood Lake-man?

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  1. clearly an artificial lake shaped to look like a man, so, technically, it’s not an illusion…

    very nice picture anyway

  2. r u blind anonymous? it has ears, hands, fingers, two legs everything. still u can’t see a human???

  3. Anonymous no.7 is right. that previous comment put in was a bit stupid – cant she/he see it resembles a human??? wat else cud it hav been?? i mean cum on, seriously.

  4. There is a huge prehistoric chalk cut naked man on a hill in England at 50°48’49.13″N,2°28’28.13″W . He’s known as the Rude Man of Cerne Abbas.

  5. Have you noticed that cars (or houses, or whatever those white things are around the lake) are positioned exactly the same on the left and right side? It looks like some sort of image manipulation.

    1. Yes, they made a lake that looked like HALF A MAN and manipulated it.

      Or maybe, since it’s artificial, they made it symmetrical on purpose?

      I guess they’d need to know geometry and stuff to do that.

  6. I checked this out on Google Maps and zoomed out until the scale was i mile and the area to the left of it looks like an abstract painting instead of a landscape

  7. Pam could be right, could not be a lake, but something else.
    Anyhow, who said Rosie O’Donnel? Come’on.. Even though she is not pretty well shaped, this picture has a p*n!s…

  8. man anonymous just has to be a killjoy do some people just look at these to find out how they are done before i start going off this is a cool lake

  9. I thought I was supposed to be looking for the person like figure, but realized the illusion was it’s tiny dick. LMFAO It’s almost unnoticeable.


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