Make Your Own iPhone

Well, actually it doesn’t work really, but makes a really cool bragging device! This post is an addition to our “Free iPhone” optical illusion. As you can see, it can easily be cut, fold and ready to go. This is not an illusion, but consider this more as my gift to you, for being so patient during our domain/host transition. Further, Optical Illusion of the Day gadget and widget won’t be working for some time, until we manage to solve the issue. The problem is we aren’t sure what stops the images from being displayed. If you think you can help on this one, be sure to drop me an email and suggest what could have gone wrong. Inside this post you can see more photos of “DIY iPhone”, so be sure to check. If you like this cut/fold stuff, be sure to get our Little Dragon and Necromancer as well. Another version of DIY iPhone can be found here.

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

34 Replies to “Make Your Own iPhone”

    1. in a certain country there is a person who made there own ipad so it is possible. we just need the technology for it, the parts and all.

  1. it’s not an illusion but it gives your hand something to wrap around while taking the separate pictures to blend together. that gives you a better look to it in the end.

  2. anonymous #2-

    He clearly says in the introduction paragraph that it is *not* an illusion. Try reading next time instead of just looking at the pretty pictures.

  3. it is a mock up, a prop, to fool someone.
    make them think you have an iphone.
    you can create your own illusion.
    Only guys with an iphone for sure now is probably steve jobs and al gore :-P

  4. to the guy who moticed that they photoshopped out another’s site logo ……. congrats on sill being a virgin

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