Magnificent CG Impossible Objects

Got these 4 impossible objects recently, and since we haven’t had any of these in recent past, I decided to share them with you. The “impossibleness” of these objects isn’t the main reason I’m sharing them – the main reason is how beautiful they look, even though they aren’t real life models (not that they can’t be produced in real life). The fact they are CG doesn’t make them less amazing. For those of you who don’t understand the CG part, CG means Computer generated, or how some of you like to complain in comments section: “photoshopped“. So, which one did you like the most? The last one kinda reminds me of our recently covered optical illusion game Echochrome. I liked the first one, but all of them are just amazing!

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  1. I love number 1 and 4. 2 and 3 originated from bad instructions for assembling something, although I forget what… Also, I think that if you stretched 4 out width and lengthwise, and keep or shorten the height of it you would be able to construct it. Not without difficulty though.

  2. Number 3 is not impossible. 4 is not impossible either, it is just the perspective and lack of certain shading in places.

  3. Okay this is gonna sound really dumb, but don’t get how No 1 is impossible, 2 & 3 I get, 4 took me awile. But 1 Isn’t impossible!

  4. Whoever said 3 is not impossible, look again. One is not impossible though, if the vertical things were placed at a diagonal angle, it would work.

  5. If #1 was actually built, the shadows would have been different. The way the shading works makes it impossible. I don’t like #3. It looks unrealistic.

    Otherwise I really like the illusions, and this site!

  6. These are all impossible to build but some of them can be constructed and shown from a different angle, tricking the viewer in thinking they are actually build completely. They are varietions of M.C. Escher’s drawings, an artist who lived in the first halve of the 20th century.

  7. Man I must say I really like the 4th one the best. There is so much that can trick your eyes, if you look at one corner, or the ladder, or the mini ramp, or the south facing sqare like section it is always changing. I could see that illusion getting blown up if people kept adding sections to it I think that would be an interesting project. Sort of like writing a story one sentence at a time, when you get to the end you have something really creative.

    My 2 cents.

  8. The #1 is possible. It’s a perspective trick. Numbering the horizontal planks 1-4 from the top, the #2 and the #4 planks don’t actually connect to the back of the post on the right (it’s not the same piece of wood as the end parts sticking out of the right post). It’s cut at the length so that from the viewer’s perspective it looks like it goes behind the other post. Hold your thumb over the right post to cover it and you’ll see the shape.

  9. first, all 4 are awsome,
    second, the idea behind the 1st is that it is impossible with 6 pieces of wood with out bending them. while perspective can make it look possible by using 2 small extra pieces, it is still impossible to create with only 6 pieces of wood. which is why it looks so awsome

  10. 1 (and probably 4) are possible to build… but they only look that way from a single perspective.

    Its sort of hard to explain, but it becomes obvious once you see an actual model. Once you move out of perspective you see a strange jumble of sticks. Once you move back into that perspective, you again see the optical illusion.

    I remember seeing one of these models in an old Scientific American magazine.

    The model is intriguing to look at from either the optical illusion perspective or the non optical illusion perspective.

  11. these are old illusions dressed up in new clothes. any public library will show you many of the originals. a google search would do the same.

    can’t you come up with something new and original?

  12. Lol I liked the 2nd one. >.< I looked at it for 5 seconds than my eyes started drifting in a outwards direction away from each other.

  13. wow, the second one with the rods was epic, i have to agree with loki. I’m sure it was photoshopped, or maybe there’s something with the perception i missed… 0_o’

  14. These are more than just “photoshopped.” CGI makes you construct them in virtual 3D space just as you’d build something in reality.

    Camera angles, textures, lighting, all have to be set up just as you would if you built them out of cardboard.

    We do a lot of CGI at work, but I’d hate to try to replicate these in a rush.

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