Machu Picchu Illusion

Can you see the face in this picture? Well, after “Many Faces Illusion”, “Many Faces no.2” and “Dolphins Illusion” it shouldn’t be hard to spot only ONE face in it? If you solved “Coffe beans Illusion” this should really be pice of cake for you! If you really can’t spot it, jump inside the post to see the solution.

How about if we flip the image… See it now?

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  1. This one’s from the early days of Photo Shop. It was dishonestly published as evidence of supernatural influences, to promote credulity and gullibility. It was claimed, not only that there was a face, but that space aliens must have carved it there. As a work of art, this picture’s cool. It’s a shame somebody felt compelled to lie about it.

    It’s also a grave insult to the Inca inhabitants of Machu Picchu, who were awesome terraformers who built millions of square meters of farming terraces on those slopes. They actually *could* have made it a massive face if that’s what they wanted. (I seem to recall they decided to cover the Plains of Nazca with hummingbirds and monkeys instead.)

    The remedy to the bullshit has been to post the original image before its admittedly lovely doctoring into a face side by side with the original. Debunking usually takes quite a bit more effort than the hoax itself.

    As you’ve probably never seen the unretouched original photo, it just goes to show you: a lie is halfway around the world before the truth has got its boots on.


  3. I see two. The first one is obvious but in the image before it’s fliped look at guy #1’s forhead. It looks like another guys forhead and nose.

  4. It really is there, it is not a computer amendment. I am Peruvian and I have been to M.P many a time and if you climb the mountain you can see it very easily. It is an exact figure. Also in another mountain, close to M.P, there is another one, when i next go, I shall post it.

  5. It is really there, it is not a computer amendment. I am Peruvian and I have seen it many a time. Also if you type in Nasca Lines, you will see the Incas carved animals in to the plains.
    IT IS ALL TRUE!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yeah i see two…
    the obvious mountains but next to it in the flipped pic…
    it looks like its an egyptian guy kissing its cheek =)

  7. Hey man, Ive been there on MAccu Piccu, and its not that clearly, have to make up most of the face, for example, the lips are more faded, and you cant see an eye.

  8. i see my ass.. bull shit.. did any of u atleast try to go to google and check out the the actual photo.. if u have time to comment here u should

  9. I see..

    OMG.. I SEE!!

    This picture has brought my sight back, I was blinded at a very young age.. its amazing!!

    HOLLY SHIT!! My wifes a feckin PIG!!
    My so called friends lied, im gonna rip their eyes out & make them watch as I jolly master bate. that'll teach em.

    PS Can you see what I did there? look carefully

  10. Yep, it’s a fake, I’m a veteran mountain guide here in South America, and have been guiding in Peru, including Machu Picchu for over 10 years. I examined the photo and compared it with real images that I’ve taken. Sorry, no face that looks like that…I agree with earlier post by local guide from, it’s been doctored. More specifically, the middle mountains aren’t as high. Why bother doing that? If you want to see an amazing image with an actual face, maybe the one that’s rumoured to exist, that I took a few days ago, that hasn’t been doctored with Photoshop, see (not posted yet though, the next few days) It’s an image that stunned me, as I’ve been taking shots for years at Machu Picchu. This was the first time I’d taken a shot from the Gateway of the Sun on the Inka Trail though. The first time I was at the Gateway to the Sun, ten years ago, it was cloudy, so didn’t take a shot at this angle. This past week-end I did, and the image is easily verifiable by anyone willing to find a similar shot from the same angle. Ykes, I’m still in shock! R. Richards, founder Mountain Spirit Institute

  11. I did an eye mission trip to Peru last year and visited this site. I have pictures taken of this very area in the horizontal format. The actual image does have a little resemblance to a human profile (very little if you have lots of imagination). This photo has been severely photoshopped to make this illusion. Not real!!

  12. A native told us that the face appears only on the Summer Solstice.
    This may have been the reason the Inca’s people chose that site to build their city…
    We went to another site, in the Sacred Valley, called, Ollantaytambo. There too, you can see a face in the mountain. Our guide showed us. We could see it clearly.

  13. ok, ok, it’s fake but it’s fun…

    did anyone also see a giant gorilla attacking the city? :) his head is where the nose is and riht arm is upwards and right hand downwards as if he is in movement to crush the city…

    maybe that is what really happened to those people :P

  14. This is kinda like the 5th face of mount Rushmore. It was another optical illusion on this website.

  15. When I first visited Machu Picchu I didn’t notice the face until our tour guide pointed it out. He said that it was supposed to be the face of the king that ruled the Incas.

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