Maasai Landrover Freelander Illusion

Few people know that Landrover Freelander has been developed after studying Maasai tribes. The photograph below represents jut a part of the ad campaign for Landrover. Am not sure if you remember one of our older posts, where some dude held a store that resembled an African face? This just came to my mind. Be sure to check both posts, and rate them accordingly! Logging of for now, but be sure I’ll return with some fresh stuff tomorrow! Looking forward speaking to you again!

Can you spot the Landrover Freelander?
Can you spot the Landrover Freelander?

74 Replies to “Maasai Landrover Freelander Illusion”

  1. LMAO! Good one!

    But what’s that golf club doing in there? The Maasais play golf? Well, I guess they do have abundant golf course. =D

  2. When I first looked at the photo I could not see the Land Rover. I stared at the photo for at least 5 hours…nothing. Then later in the evening I was leaving the room and glanced at the computer screen and there it was. NOW that is all I see. Thanks for the illusion.

  3. hey does any one else even get this illusion?!! its just a bunch of people standing in a line with arrows and shields!! theres not a CAR in sight !! some illusion , huh!! because in my opinion it should have been like the african face illusion when there was another picture explaining it!!

  4. hey, i hear u have a magic site. can u post a link to it somewhere on this site, and vice versa. that way we can explore both sites

  5. Wow! That was a hard one to get, took me ages to figure that one out. Kind of gets easier once you’ve pulled the image together the first time though

  6. For you who can’t see it, click here to see the answer:

    I was so relief there hadn’t been any moron who said first these past few days. But oh well… can’t make all morons understand reasons, I guess. =D

    Read my comment in the Jesus or the bending lines or the hidden tiger illusion (I forgot which one, perhaps reading all three of them would be better) a few days back on details to why you shouldn’t say first.

  7. The other day, I looked and looked and couldn’t find it. Today I openned the picture and there it was, plain as day.

    I have to admit though, I’m not sure I can say it’s a Landrover

  8. OHH!!! IT’s supposed to be a dumb red car!!!! It took me like 15 minutes to realize what a Land Rover was!!

  9. Being from Solihull (the home of Land Rovers main plant) I have to say LR’s rule!! If you’re ever in the area, go on the test track – better than racing sports cars any day.

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