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  1. Normally it is true that they are the same size, however use your favorite paint program to verify, the one on the right is actually larger by 1 pixel.

  2. it is the same! i can read the explanaition from my book:
    ”they are the same. If you use a ruler to measure them, you will find no difference between them.
    İt is another classic illusion. At the ends of both lines,there are simple arrow heads which trick the brain into misjudjing the sizes. for line A,-the left one-the inward pointing arrows rigidly define the ends of A, whereas the out ward pointing arrows of line B point loosley. The perceptible overall size of line A is shorter than that B.

  3. …okay…i’m tired of the retards who come on this site and say

    “seen it”
    “thats not an illusion”

    stop licking your elbows and change page then

    no one cares if you’ve seen it
    this is a great website and all you’ve done is slate it

    shut up

  4. This one actually has a pretty nice psychological explanation. The reason that one line looks longer than the other, is because we see these lines as corners. Inner corner and outer corners. Thus, we see the ‘longer’ line as an outer corner. Like a skyscraper. The inner corner looks like a corner in a room. It has to do with perspective. There is proof that tribespeople do not recognise these lines as corners, for they have no skyscrapers or any straight lines like straight roads. They don’t know perspective as we do. They would answer that the lines are (almost) equal.

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