Learn Chinese the Easy Way with Berlitz

Have you seen this advertisement by language school named Berlitz? Apparently, with their help, learning Chinese becomes more than easy! Look at the poster below. This ten-second course for example, already gave you enough knowledge to read the Chinese street signs. Subtlety is great, and it sure conveys the message. Another example can be found inside this article. Not so good place to get lost in the night is Tokyo. At the first glance, you can’t even read the neon signs. Or can you? If you like these kind of illusions, be sure to check Chinese Food Festival optical illusion.

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

59 Replies to “Learn Chinese the Easy Way with Berlitz”

  1. Oh, that’s really clever- I didn’t even realize at first that it’s all in English- my favorite is MAD DOG TAVERN, it really looks like Chinese (or other Asian language, because I don’t know the difference between any of them).

    1. Japanese looks a lot less complicated than Chinese. That language in the picture is NOT Chinese.

  2. it’s really easy to spot- heh, only if ur chinese, the differnce between asian characters is easy too ^^ but lol that’s apeking from an asian point of view :P

  3. I’m pretty sure that font is called ‘FungFoo’. It’s also the font used in the logo of the band ‘Delirious?’. Check it out!

  4. I really respected and enjoyed your site until today.

    How can you possibly think promoting Twitter is a good idea?

    Twitter is the gayest thing ever invented.

    It was started by nerds with no life who have no friends to listen to there boring thoughts, and now other no life loners have jumped on the bandwagon because all of sudden they think they have a million friends.

    Seriously man, think about what you are doing to your reputation.

  5. looks more like indian or thai …it totaly does’nt look like chinese!
    what a shame for a language school
    but nice efect!

  6. Good one. BYW, 4 the person saying hotel is spelled wrong~~look up hostel in your dictionary.
    Thanks 4 the great site.

  7. To the anonymous person who said:

    “Of course that’s not Chinese!!! Chinese is like this,這些才是中文字!!”

    So right, those signs look NOTHING like Chinese. Maybe Arabic?

  8. ~Pyro~, you’ve obviously never seen Chinese letters before, first of all 這些才是中文字 IS Chinese and look NOTHING like Arabic, get out more.

    Btw, being Chinese myself, and having used fonts similar (Nippon tech etc) to them, I obviously knew it was fake.

  9. LOL that is pretty funny, if you think about it, chinese sometimes can look like that :P



    this christmas, dont forget to put CHRIST in FRONT of christmas… <:D

    1. It’s NOT supposed to “make sense” or be racist…it’s supposed to trick the eye of the american looking at it…that is all! Hence “OPTICAL ILLUSION.” Give em grace and take two deep breaths…:*

  10. When I was a teenage, I wrote my name like this and show to my friends saying, hey! I know how to write chinese, and then they asked what was written and they were very surprised when I explained the trick behind it. It’s great to see that I wasn’t the only one with the same idea.

  11. Tokyo is in Japan and those characters looks more like Japanese characters than Chinese! Asia is a big continent with 48 countries. Buy a globe or a map & learn something!

  12. I don’t have a drop of Chinese blood in me and I knew straightaway that this was not Chinese. I know because I used to be NUTS about Asian culture. I don’t know Asian languages, but I spent weeks seeing the characters EVERYWHERE every time I saw an ancient piece of Chinese art.

  13. Dude if u have any knowledge of Asia, u can clearly see that its supposed to look like Japanese and I’m offended that u think its Chinese. I’m Chinese ok

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