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I have some multiple good news for you; a) my vacation ends tomorrow, and we’re returning to our routine of daily fresh illusions, which will be little more original than what you’ve been getting for the last 2 weeks, and b) Sucuri detective team managed to isolate the security hole, so our server is now completely clean, and additionally secured.

I’d like to ask you a little favor, though. Would you be so kind and repeat your ratings for the last dozen of illusions (from August, the 3rd until today)? After we’ve backed up our database, ratings and comments have been lost for dozen of our last posts. For the illusion, it’s a simple anagram (or is it ambigram?)

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    1. Actually this is more than “Classic’ it is an observational vision. I appreciate anyone who can see beyond the black and white of redundanat life into the shades of grey! It takes visional gifting which is not available to to all mankind…I call this ‘Inter-Dimensional

  1. It is an ambigram as they are not the same letters in a different order – they are two different words found in the same pattern at different orientations =D

  2. I have been checking this website almost every day now and its cool that you got your security prob. fixed.. but can you please stop talking about it and start describing the illusion?

  3. it reminds me of Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons. This one is simple, but I found this whole thing just stunning ;DDDDDDDDDDDD

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