Lady and Her Cat Optical Illusion

Happy Hump Day to everyone! Hope your Wednesday is a good and eventful day! Today’s optical illusion once again shows that love between a human and their pet can be so big that the human being may actually turn into the cat! Take a look at today’s illusion, does it not look like the two creatures are slowly forming into one being?

Lady and Her Cat Optical Illusion

Kind of scary isn’t it? To have people starting to turn into their pets. So what do you all think? Is this the start of half woman half cat hybrids? It is possible after all to love a pet too much that you start to look like that pet!

How about another great illusion that you all can have fun with? You all love to hunt for hidden objects, so take a look at this horse illusion.  You all have seen this amazing horse picture before, but now you get to do a little horse hunting!  How many horses can you find in this picture? Once you all get done hunting for horses, be sure you drop us a comment down below to let us know just how many you found!  Happy Hump Day once again and good luck counting all the horses!

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