The Jungle Can Be a Scary Place Optical Illusion

I think everyone wants to visit the jungle at least one time in their life. I mean, we all grew up with cartoons like the Lion King, which makes the jungle look like an awesome time filled with hilarious and friendly animals. Also, the video for “Roar” by Katy Perry makes the jungle look like a really cool place. I mean, who out there has never wanted to pet a lion or a tiger before? I think we all have.

Even though the jungle looks like a really fun place to see some amazing animals, you have to remember that it can be a very dangerous place, as well. I mean, the Lion King even had some really dark and scary moments. Below, in today’s new optical illusion, you’ll see just how scary the jungle can be. Predators can be watching and stalking you from only 10 feet away and you’d never even know it! That’s why I call this the “Jungle Can be a Scary Place Optical Illusion.” There’s something hidden in the image below and it’s your job to spot it.

The Jungle Can be a Scary Place Optical Illusion

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So, were you able to find what’s hidden in the image above? Leave a comment and let me know what you found in the picture. I don’t want you’re supposed to see, because I don’t want to give out any spoilers.

Do you want another cool illusion to check out? Well, it’s Time Machine Tuesday and I’m going to hook you up with an amazing illusion from the past! The object of this optical illusion is to find all the black and white cows in the picture.

24 Replies to “The Jungle Can Be a Scary Place Optical Illusion”

  1. I check out your Web Site every morning before I do anything else and really enjoy it, but I have one complaint, I wish you would show the solving of these illusions for people like me (81 years old) could see what I’m looking for. It is so maddening to have to walk away and not know or see what I’m supposed to see.

  2. I found it!

    It’s a tiger!!!

    it’s present at the lower end of the tree, towards the right….

    and, i’m also the first one to comment!!!!!

    mamma mia!!!

  3. With some of these illusions, I would really like to enlarge them so i can see them more clearly. MOIllusions used to have it so if you click on the image, it goes to a page with just the image on it. Any chance you could bring that facility back? Or maybe give us the option of ‘click to enlarge’?
    Many thanks for keeping us entertained with all these amazing eye-foolers.

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