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By on January 7, 2013, with 11 Comments

John Lennon Portrait in CoffeeFranky stumbled upon this funny-looking portrait of Beatles member John Lennon. As you see it’s composed of nothing but a flat surface, two filled mugs of coffee, and carefully arranged coffee beans.

What do you think of it? While I was researching for a background story, I’ve stumbled upon another similar portrait (which can be found here), yet I haven’t discovered the true purpose of this photo. Was it meant for advertising, a weird tribute to John Lennon or just an art installation of some sort? If you discover the true story behind it, feel free to point it out in our comments section!


11 Responses
  1. suor de sapo says:

    The only illusion I can see here are the coffee cups resembling (key word) glasses.

  2. Pygormus says:


    Note to Vurdlak: It’s easy with Google’s “Search Google with this image” plug-in.

  3. Not Telling says:

    wow thats cool

  4. XTNdc says:

    That guy (Jatuporn – as pointed out by Pyrogamus) has got more cool pics made from coffee beans!

  5. Andy says:

    Not really an illusion, more like art!

  6. rpclennon says:

    thats the coolest picture of john lennon I’ve seen
    in a long time!!!

  7. BigD says:

    Imagine there is no John Lennon. Yes I can!

  8. Antoine says:

    It looks like something done by Vik Muniz.

  9. Ko says:

    He was an arrogant a$$ anyway.

  10. Rainbowpuffle55 says:

    John is the king of music.

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