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By on July 15, 2008, with 42 Comments

John Colorado sent me this photo he took recently. It took me few seconds before I spot the optical illusion in it, but then was really amazed by the result. Let’s give John opportunity to explain himself: “Hi, here’s my picture, taken in the New Jersey. My name is John Anderson Colorado and I live in Paris, two years ago I was in the New Jersey and took a photo, the shadow of a tree which makes a face on the roof of a rabbit house. It’s a 100% real picture! I think it will be a nice present for your page. Hope you’ll answer to me. ps: if you speak French or Spanish it could be easier for me ;)”

John Colorados   Shadow Face Illusion


42 Responses
  1. lc says:

    really neat! Thanks John for sharing

  2. Anonymous says:

    Humm… I’m sorry, I can’t seem to see any kind of face in that picture. Can anyone else see it? where is it?

  3. Faith Lyons says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    well if it’s real it definitely looks great..

  5. Stine says:

    Nature supplied illusion! Sweet!

  6. bulle48 says:

    All I see is a bearded lady.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I took about 2 minutes to me, but that’s just amazing! I was just quitting, and I turned my eyes off, and then I got it.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Cool :)
    Has some kind of cap on

  9. Shayle says:

    Cool =)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Très frais !

  11. Anonymous says:

    1ST COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dont kno if people can see this but there i a shadow tht looks kind of like a lion/tiger in the top left hand corner.

  12. Ellen K says:

    I see a girl on the right, but I also see a lion on the left near the top edge of the roof. The lion’s mouth is open.

  13. waldo says:

    Saw it easily

  14. Anonymous says:

    cool! looks real too.

  15. I says:

    cool man!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    wow, it took me a few seconds to spot it also, but that is pretty clever

  17. Anonymous says:

    wow-it takes a real eye to notice details like that.
    first comment?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Me encanta!!! esta ilusion esta padrisima, bueno ya que es asi totalmente natural y todo!


  19. Luz says:

    hey, this is great… I see the lion too… its triangular nose, eyes and brows and cheeks… amazing pic!

  20. bonnie says:

    dude i saw right as i looked @ the picture. i thing that that is awesome and should be digged!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    cool…the face is kinda messed up…its like a child with a beard and an eyepatch. but its cool that its not photoshopped. I cant find the lion…where is it???? p.s. to vurdlak: DO you speak french or spanish?

  22. lax lover says:

    beautiful artwork! nice work


    beau dessin-modele! le travail gentil

  23. Tysss says:

    She looks like a cat.. ;)
    I also see the lion and the rabbit.
    it’s on the right eye of the girl.


  24. Anonymous says:

    Very cool, and as opposed to the lion/tiger in the top left I personally see a Panda head, along with the obvious face on the right.

  25. Elaine says:

    Me encanta! John, hace mucho conoci a Freddy Colorado, alguna relacion?

  26. Matt says:


  27. Anonymous says:

    I also see the face (furthest right hand line being the outside of the face) but the figure in the top left corner is definately a caricature of Margaret Thatcher looking to the left with her mouth covered.

  28. Griff says:

    very nice and realistic face picture… i wonder what else shadows could create. Endless possibilities!

  29. ME! says:

    IT SUCKS! Putting things lightly :)

  30. Pradeep says:

    I see the genius in you to identify this shadow in this form. You are great man and of course thank you for sharing this amazing picture.

    Pradeep Nair

  31. Sanderson says:

    I see a face. This is kinda neat…but kinda not.

  32. mousey says:

    i can see a dogs face in da left top corner and a lady in the middle

  33. Anonymous says:

    I would have said it is a polar bear wih a fish in is mouth, in addition to the face.

  34. Monxy says:

    If you can’t see it, just move your head back, if you can’t see it either, just walk back watching it (sorry for bad english)

  35. anoying says:

    i see a crab

  36. Me says:

    wow i can really see the face.. its beautiful.. love it

  37. John Anderson Colorado says:

    Thank you guys! yeah that picture is really amazing i’m very proud of this one! :)

  38. Rhiannon says:

    ugly person

  39. marcus says:

    thas kool!!

  40. Kimi says:

    Also, the angle looks like the branch you see above (with leaves on it) is bare in its shadow.

  41. where’s the illusion above

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