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  1. Just because you don’t get it doesn’t make it a stupid illusion. It’s just the building has been painted to look like there’s people in the windows, etc. which makes it look lively and busy. In actuality it’s just a bare wall.

    It’s just designed to brighten things up and bring some cheer to an otherwise dull, lifeless wall.

  2. They’re all looking at the car…
    It shows how “Good” the car is…
    Get it now?
    Hope I helped!
    And thanks for the amazing site

  3. this thing is not an illusion it is just a painting on a building and it is in istanbul, i saw it when i was in the bus and it looked like 3d

  4. It’s actually an advertisement for jetta (the volkswagen)…it’s actually pretty cool bcuz one of the cars looks like a jetta.

  5. the writing on the building makes the situation more clear for some of you I hope. “Jetta. Bu güzelligi herkes görmeli.”, which means “Jetta. Everybody has to see this beauty” in turkish. thats why they are looking out, bla bla.. but yeah, that doesnt change the fact that this car is a piece of crap :)

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