Jail Mirror Optical Illusion

A mirror is an illusionists best friend. Magicians / illusionists have been using mirrors since the dawn of time in order to fool the audience and trick them into seeing things that aren’t there, making objects disappear, etc… With the aid of a mirror, some magicians have been able to pull off some of the greatest feats known to man. Below, you’ll find an optical illusion that is actually fairly simple and pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind having this mirror in my own bathroom, lol. I have titled this illusion as the “Jail Mirror Optical Illusion.” Scroll down to check it out!

Jail Mirror Optical Illusion

Some people may consider this as being a scary illusion, because it shows you what you would look like if you were an inmate in a jail and I don’t think anyone wants to know what that feeling is like. So, I have to ask, would you want a mirror like this hanging up in your bathroom? I definitely think it would be pretty funny and I think it would throw a lot of your friends off when they had to use the bathroom. If you like this optical illusion, you should leave a comment below and let us know how you feel. Alternatively, you could rate this post with our rating system. We love receiving feedback from our readers.

4 Replies to “Jail Mirror Optical Illusion”

  1. It appears to be installed above a urinal. Probably a good thing to put in a tavern’s bathroom as a reminder about drinking and driving!

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