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Remember our previous post, talking on recently discovered optical camouflage techniques? Well, here are some combined videos that show this invention even more realistic. For now, there are two techniques I am aware of. First one, where the behind-object image is projected on the surface of the object we want to make “invisible”. This technique requires camera behind the cloak, and projector in front of it. The other techniques is much more complex, and I don’t understand it fully, but it has something to do with bending the light, and the cloak itself is capable of camouflaging it self using some nano-technology. I think it’s imitating what chameleons are doing in nature. There is still much work around these, but in few years, we’ll have fully operational invisible cloak. Mark my words ;) Check out the video below!

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  1. Have you ever considered posting these videos into YouTube? “YourFileHost” is crap, and breaks in any browser but IE. I can totally understand not hosting them off your own webspace for bandwidth issues, but does it have to be there?

  2. The changing of color in cameleons has nothing to do with camouflage. It’s the “emotions” of the animal that affect is color. A bit like when a person get reddish cheeks when embarassed.

  3. Video 3, his face should be seen on the ball and box, not the words *behind his head* Just some kids who are good at video editing and green-screen type effects.

  4. Works fine in Firefox here on Linux.

    We will never have these in the USA, they will be considered too likely a tool of terrorism. Welcome to the Police States of America!

  5. @Right, Lara:

    As mentioned in the summary, that effect is acheived using a camera *behind* the position, and a projector *in front* of the position. The inference is that the projector will project the image viewed by the camera – essentially a real-time, physical green-screen.

    In the video you mention, the camera must be *behid* the presenter, and thus does not see him. The projector then projects this image.

  6. It’s not a green/blue screen hoax at all.
    They’ve had actuall presentations of this thing at conventions, although I can’t find the videos of that right now.

    Here’s a Youtube one:

    I believe a photograph of the scene has been previously taken, and then it’s projected very slightly back in place. The projected image cannot be picked up by the human eye.

    The objects and the jacket are made out of a special material, but it’s merely a form of reflection.

  7. The effect in the video with seems like the “nano” effect. I’ve had some lectures on this subject, it’s comparable to the refraction of light in water. The light actually bends around the object, and also around the head right behind it. In this way, you can hide things (or people) by simply putting the ball or cube in front of it. This is because light is an electromagnetic wave, which will respond to a field. By creating little “nano-currents” on the object, light will bend. I have heard about it, but assumed this was only possible on a very small scale. And I’m still not 100% convinced that this is the real “nano” effect.

  8. ive actually done this before.
    all he’s doing is wearing white infront of a projector screen.
    so whetever image that is being projected onto the screen is just being projected onto white objects making them appear invisible.

  9. GREEN SCREEN!…he wear somethin green or holds somethin green!…datz y his face dnt show wen he passed the box in front of his face!

  10. OKAY THIS IS THE RIGHT ANSWER, it is not greensceen i have read about this. It is a projetcer by the camera and it is projecting an excact im age everything behind it. That is why the mirror thing works, because since only one side of the mirror is shinny only one side bounces the image behind it (which is a projected image from infront of it) back.

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