Infinite Zoom Coast Illusion

Joseph Mohmed stumbled upon this awesome continuous animation. It works by the Droste Effect principals, and the illusion is almost identical to Escher’s window and Zoomquilt illusion. I was starring at this gif for almost five minutes, and couldn’t spot the photoshopped part. I know this was done by a computer, I just can’t seem to understand how. Can some of you see the manipulated part? Please comment.

If you like this kind of illusions, I believe you’ll have fun time checking Christopher Walken in space, Flying through city animation, Scary Spider illusions, as well as many others that can be found inside Animations category. Enjoy!

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    1. I think thats a wrecked ship! Not the sea!
      Look closer to the lighter sea, and you,ll see it!

  1. Just watch the little white bit in the center of the coast. You will see it suddenly change from a white bump to two white sticks. Those white sticks form the two peninsulas that are the most obvious repeating part of the picture. The upper right end of the mountain range changes at the same time. Other things like the road fade in so there is no obvious transition.

  2. If you look right in the center and try not to focus on anything you will notice the land move right and left awkwardly.

  3. If you look right in the center and try not to focus on anything in paticular you will see the land move right and left awkwardly.

  4. If you look closely you can see a section of the land from the middle almost all the way to the bottom shift to the right. I saw this in about 3 minutes. I had to spend some time on it though. Really great illusion!!!!!

  5. Can someone please make a Garfield one? I’m need to make a site for a middle school project, and I choose Garfield, and a Garfield continuous animation would be perfect!

  6. It’s easy to see if you look at the right spot. If you observe the land between the long, thin peninsula near the top and the larger one to the south (I assume) then you can see the coastline move backwards every time you zoom in on that part. Thats the break point.

  7. The whole picture is generating from the end of the black line where it meets the coast.If you look at this point you can see headlands and bays suddenly pop into view.I think the land seems to do the same but it’s not so easy to see.
    Grrrate site, I keep spreading the site amounst my friends in the UK. Perhaps it would be interesting to know where in the world people are replying from to see if different countries view pictures in different ways

  8. woah! this is really cool! it looks better than the other ones where you can tell when the first second whatever frames keep coming and going.

  9. If you watch the two wall thingies that scroll to the right, you’ll see, on the one on the right side, that a “house” on the right wall will basically dissapear.

  10. I have some other fractals and a few other illusions I made in Photoshop, but I have a Horrible ISP and am rarely able to upload or e-mail any files.

    Also, kitty cat, I’m Lebanese and Italian.

  11. Actually, I was very bored with this. I can’t believe some people will spend so much time creating things like this. Why not do something more productive, like spend time with your kids … just on suggestion.


  12. OMG! joseph ur Lebanese! So am I! I live in beirut. Are u born in Lebanon?
    Also shauzia, i just wanted 2 know coz i’m arabic too so that’s all. :D

  13. Cool. I keep thinking the camera is going to crash into the ground. I think it is photoshoped so that you see two of the same thing (for exmple, the fork in the road) exept that one copy is smaller than the other. Do you get what I’m saying?

  14. this one’s actually quite simple, this person found a spot where a smaller part in the island looks like the rest of the island, then he made a video of it zooming in, then he stopped right where the little part was where the big part started at, and looped that video, so it keeps zooming in, stopping, restarting, and so on, and so on.

  15. see the long point on the coast?

    under that part there is an inlet

    under that is another point EXACTLY THE SAME as the long one

    then nethanaile’s comment tells u why the small point is always repeating itself

    apart from that,


  16. HA! I had just watched the infinite oz illusion so I thought I knew what was going on. I was watching it think “ok it will get close enough to go into some cave eventually” then it finally dawned on me about 6 secs later “it’s not going anywhere”

  17. The gif works from the center, it resets from the center of the gif. As it zooms in, it shows the out streched zoom of the original picture and constantly repeats, it gives it away if you look at the sides, it gets warped when it resets

  18. It seems to be based on Fractals as the smaller part become magnafied the pattern is repeated. Fractals are everywhere. One of the simplist examples of a fractle is a tree.

  19. look at the wall as it zooms,at some point it breaks.this proved that the image was replayed but didn’t seem like it.
    ( not that i want to be a bitch or anything so don’t get on my bad side and write mean comments)

  20. You’ll notice that the flash of brighter color corresponds with the smaller ridges appearance. There is also a shift in the picture as the smaller ridges appear. Ingenious though.

  21. just a frame by frame thing. take the first frame and paste it onto the last and add a loop. now you have a never ending zoom of the same frame.

  22. the two side peninsulas keep getting larger until they leave the screen and the two small center peninsulas get lager in place of the original large ones

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