Impossible Columns… Again!

I see some of you had trouble seeing the illusory colors in our latest optical illusion animation. At first I was puzzled why some of you have trouble seeing the illusion, while it worked flawlessly for the others. Then I noticed (by accident) how some browsers and computers (or mobile configurations) play the attached gif animations slower than others. I believe this is the reason why it didn’t work for everyone! The spinner needs to spin very fast in order for you to see the illusory colors. Luckily user called Jo attached the YouTube video inside one of his comment, where you can see how the illusion should behave under the normal circumstances.

Anyhow, I prepared two entertaining optical illusion constructions for you today. It’s nothing we haven’t seen already, but I believe how the beauty of both paintings makes them worthy showcasing here. Can you see the illusion yourselves? Can you see where one column starts and the other ends? I always liked this sort of illusions, no matter if it involved elephant legs, soldiers or pencils… Hope you will enjoy these as much as I have!

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  1. [img][/img]

    I’ve always loved this image.

  2. Often called a “Penrose” illusion after Penrose and Penrose who first published this class of illusion it is also called the Three stick Clevis. The incrediable power of this illusion is the change between three tubs or cylinders at one end and the square Clevis at the other end. This pictued art is truly a unique incorperation of the effect. For me Penrose illusions are one of the most powerfull illusions one will come across. Thanks for posting it.

  3. this is funny. its probably square on a certain side then they painted it like they were broken in a way, making it invisible on one part, white-ish on the other end.

  4. This one totally threw me off. It can’t get any better than this one. I love doing optical illusions. Thanks for posting these.

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